My New Happy Hour

Today’s 44 was similar to a move that Jody shared on Instagram recently.  She did an oblique crunch on the stability ball – doing all reps to the same side before switching.

I changed up the move some and don’t look nearly as graceful as Jody but…..

start (easy part!)
start (easy part!)
crunch and reach
crunch and reach
other side
other side

You can sort of tell that I did more of a reach and I alternated sides.  I did count a right and left as 1 rep so it was actually 88 crunches to complete the 44.

Today is more running – nice and easy to make sure that my Achilles  is OK after the pain the other day.  (chronic injury – have to baby it sometime!!)  I’m trying to keep my mileage up because this month Taylor has a fun March challenge.  The challenge is to get at least 31 miles of walking or running BUT if you already do that then it was to pick a number that would be a good challenge.

My goal for March is 150 miles of running.  That isn’t much for a lot of people but for me that is a very high mileage month!!!

So……last night while making dinner, I also made this –

DSCN04142 days in, did I already fail on giving up my Happy Hour???

Nope!!!  Because that is actually….

Crystal Light
Crystal Light

It’s just Crystal Light in a fun glass!!  

Part of why I enjoy my evening cocktail is because I love my fun glasses – Martini glassesMartini glassesI have a collection of Martini glasses all around my kitchen soffit and they are just fun to use.  I decided that I can still use the glasses – just with a different type of drink.

And, the beauty of my Crystal Lighttini is that it is only 5 calories!!!

So, I can still have fun drinks and give up wine/cocktails – it’s a WIN!!!

Happy Friday!!


FYI – this is NOT a sponsored post.  I just happened to have Crystal Light in my pantry and decided to make some for “happy hour.”  

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