New (Free!!!) Compression Shorts – Love Them

Today is my 125th consecutive 43!!!!  I used one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment again:


Today I balanced my butt on it (tried anyway!) and did 43 bicycle crunches. Right leg extended/left leg extended = 1 rep.

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There are so many things wrong with this video that I had to just go with it – my arms are flailing (cause I’m trying to do the move and still balance), I have some funky double chin issue and my hair is ridiculous (trying to grow it out and it will be really “nice” for awhile!!).

What’s great about the video?  My new shorts!!!  I won these in a giveaway from Marcia!  I’m so excited first because I won something!!! (my first time!)  Second, because I put these shorts on – tight, compression shorts that look like they would fit my 7 year old niece – and they didn’t look awful on me!  (Disclaimer: I’m fine with my body but I don’t have tiny hips – in fact, they are quite wide -partly genetics, partly from having 2 kids.)  I haven’t worn tight shorts or pants since my college track days (20+ years ago).

These shorts are from Aspaeris and are the Compression Pivot Shorts.  They are for running and/or recovery!

new shorts
new shorts
digging the new shorts!
digging the new shorts!

I really like them!  I’m pretty sure that I would even wear them out of the house!!!  And just to let you see the shorts from all angles on a “real” model:

back - not the greatest - but keeping it real!!!
backside – It is what it is!

Thanks again the Marcia and Aspaeris for the new shorts!!!

After my 43, I actually did a work-out (not just the above modeling!!!).  I did Les Mills Combat – Plyo HIIT (about a billion jumping squats and jumping lunges!!!) and then I decided to double up  so I did Combat 30.  Great work-out = sweaty mess!!!

And…..It’s FRIDAY!!!  Chris is off today, too, so I better get a move on!!!  Maybe we will even go see a movie at the theater – a rarity!!!  (I just looked and only a couple here that I’m really interested in so who knows?)  Maybe we will just go shopping (oh, wait, I did that yesterday!)!!  So many choices!!!

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 9.01.11 AM


I love Hoops & YoYo!!! They always make me smile!!!

Happy Fun Friday!!



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