No Room for Drama

If you don’t already read Cranky Fitness (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!  Just kidding – sort of) – you should head over today.  Awhile back she mentioned a fun idea for a post and today is the day!!!  Hint, it involves fitness and wine!!!

Today’s 44 is another move from Nellie (Brooklyn Active Mama) and her Weekly Wednesday workouts – cross crunches.  

gearing up
gearing up
extend leg
extend leg

I did make one small change to make it a little bit harder – I did all 44 to one side but instead of tapping my foot down each time, I extended the leg, keeping it off the ground.  After the first set of 44, I switched sides and did some more!


This was a great way to really work my obliques!!!

I did another day with Michelle Bridges – I’m hoping to get a run in after I take the boys to school.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 6.46.19 AMI guess I was fortunate in high school to get out without any major drama – mostly because I hung out with guys a lot of the time.  I was a total nerd and other than running track, I didn’t participate in many activities.

I feel like I have experienced far more drama since becoming a mom (and it isn’t from my kids).  I don’t get it – there are so many negative things surrounding all of us every day – why can’t we all just get along?!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 6.49.50 AM

I think that FaceBook can be a great thing – I don’t tend to use it much but I love the fact that I can keep up with people from high school, college and other times in my life even though we live far apart.

What I don’t like about FaceBook is all the drama!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 6.50.44 AM

Snarky comments, unfriending  and the gossip.  Sometimes following a strand of comments is entertaining but other times I feel really bad when I read it and see some of the comments.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 7.02.44 AM


If you are reading this and wondering if I’m talking about someone specific, the answer is NO!!!  This is just something that has bugged me for years and years – the drama and snide comments  that I see all the time even among friends.

I know that I am FAR from perfect and say things that might be misinterpreted but my intention is never to start something or stir up trouble.  Really I just like to float along in my fantasy world where everything is nice and everyone gets along!!!

How do you deal with adult drama?

Happy Thursday!!!


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  1. I hate drama. It definitely exists in every single facet of life – the office, school, kids school (I remember from when I was a kid myself, snarky mom drama is rough). It’s annoying but I think you have to just choose not to be a part of it. I try to be open and honest with people when I have a problem with then and NOT feed into it by talking behind their backs or being passive aggressive. It took me a long time to learn that, but I really think it helps me! Drama, stay away! Haha.
    Amy @ Long Drive Journey recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #3My Profile

  2. I try so hard to stay away from the adult drama, but every once in awhile it is just inevitable I suppose. Like you I had mostly guy friends in high school and even in college. Was definitely not a part of the popular crew either and probably never will be, but at this age I am truly ok with that. Back then, not as much, but as I have grown up, it has been a bit easier to just let it go. Too busy with so much else I suppose. Sorry though and definitely love you here, so you will not being getting any drama from me :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Pin It Party ~ Week 40My Profile

  3. I’m really lucky, for some reason my life is pretty much drama-free!

    Well, except for the downstairs neighbor who hates us because she prefers to believe that we stomp around jump up and down and throw things against walls, rather than that our building has sound transmission issues, but other than that, somehow everyone in my life, including facebook friends are all really reasonable! Fingers crossed… and sorry you’re having to deal with drama!
    crabby mcslacker recently posted…Wine Not? A “Happy Hour” Workout Video Packed full of Antioxidants!My Profile

    1. Kris, I guess we will just round up all of us who want to steer clear of the drama and have a great time!!!
      And, it is easy to get sucked into drama when people around you are so heavy in it.
      Kim recently posted…No Room for DramaMy Profile

  4. Love those cross crunches & wrote about them in my post yesterday AND like you, I don’t put the foot down either! Hard stuff!!!!

    So much drama out there – really drives me nuts at times. I guess it is good I don’t have a lot of time for FB. :) Too busy with Instagram… :) I also see a lot of cliques & stuff which cab be irritating if the FB page is supposed to be all inclusive..

    As for unfriending – I know there are apps to check this but I just don’t – I don’t need to find ways to make myself feel less than enough! :)
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted…Core Power Winner & My Own Abs/Core ExercisesMy Profile

    1. Jody, I loved your ab post!!
      I see the cliques, too and usually don’t get too bothered by that because I don’t want to be in any clique. I don’t usually check on the unfriending thing – (no apps for me on that one) – I just know one incidence because I was trying to look up her birthday.
      Kim recently posted…No Room for DramaMy Profile

  5. I feel the same way. I read comments on instagram and am floored at how “adults” comment. What kind of people are being raised today? Haven’t they learned if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all? Even my young kids know better;)
    Rachelle Q recently posted…What’s in Your Gym Bag?My Profile

    1. Rachelle, on the way to school this morning my boys and I were talking about some of the adult comments on social media – it floors me. I always want to say, “ummm…you know that everyone can see that, right?” Jordan said that he doesn’t see that much drama at the high school but he sees some of what surrounds me at times – trying to remove myself from those situations.
      Kim recently posted…No Room for DramaMy Profile

  6. Oh, ugh, Facebook drama is insane. I hate it when people rant and rail about ALL of their problems too. Um, ok, we all have probs move along please and say something nice for a change. I’ve seen so much drama from HS “friends” on Facebook and it just makes me want to unfollow everyone from the past. I left high school behind a LONG time ago. And I do see it a lot from fellow bloggers too – like right now everyone under the sun is in an uproar about the Biggest Loser. Everyone wants to share their opinions b/c it’s so easy to do via social media.
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted…Slip Sliding Kind of RunMy Profile

  7. I was totally with you on the 44 today until the “extend the leg” part. GAH! My core muscles are giving that modification the extreme side eye. They are overtaxed just thinking about the first part.

    I despise adult drama. I just can’t with people that bring unnecessary dramaz. Ugh. Not my thing at all. I eliminate it whenever possible. Blech. –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Pinterest Nightmare #762: Don’t Drink When You InkMy Profile

  8. I hung mostly with a nerdy(ish) guy from the cross country team so avoided all female drama in high school. It’s really funny that he quit running after high school and look who the marathoner is now? I don’t pay much attention to FB so don’t really see the drama there. I think life’s too short to engage in that kind of stuff.
    Marcia recently posted…Workout HairMy Profile

    1. Marcia, that is funny about the CC runner you hung out with – does he know that you are a mega runner now?
      I limit my FB interactions – it would be too easy for me to get sucked into stuff that wouldn’t really be healthy.
      Kim recently posted…No Room for DramaMy Profile

  9. I’m pretty mellow..within reasons..unless someone messes with my kids/family, then RUN! (this never actually happens)
    I was never part of it in high school and not really now. I just can’t be bothered. I see that people have it/create it/stir it but I think that many of the “mommy wars” stuff doesn’t happen to me because I just don’t care. Or maybe people really are afraid of me (which they should be..NOT!)
    However I see it in Scarlet too. A kid at preschool said to her, “You’re not my friend!” in a sing-song voice and Scarlet said, “I actually don’t care” and then went and did a puzzle with another classmate.
    LOVE that girl!
    Tamara recently posted…The Lost Boys & Girls.My Profile

  10. Drama ~ oh, my neighbor is queen of Fb drama ~ I seriously cannot believe what she posts, how often she posts and that she has friends that agree with her posts ~ its no surprise why her boy has issues at school like he does but she is in her fairy tale land and doesn’t understand why?! ugh!!!

    (Yes, I am perfect so that is why I can share that…ha!)
    Kathy recently posted…Just a glimpse of Sunday mornings swim action….My Profile

  11. Well there’s negative drama and then there is positive drama. I have a number of friends that I probably wouldn’t want to live with because everything is always bigger and more exciting around them and it would be tiring. They are the greatest people to spend a couple hours with!
    The negative, catty, mean spirited stuff or even the self-centered superiority thing I can do without. I’m like you I mess up far too often in my opinion but I never mean to hurt or annoy anybody.
    Cindy recently posted…Canadian Goddess vs Pink Wonder Woman for a Good Cause!My Profile

    1. Cindy, i never thought about the positive drama but that makes a lot of sense!
      Maybe I need to remind myself of how often I mess up and remember that some of the “drama” I see might just be someone else messing up!!!
      Kim recently posted…No Room for DramaMy Profile

  12. I honestly think we would get along so well in person the more I read your blog. I really hope we will get to meet one day! I definitely shared that workout from Nellie with my one and only lovely client :) She’s been doing a fantastic job with working out regularly, too. I think it is so funny the adult drama you are talking about. I actually have experienced the opposite. More drama in high school and college but it was because of the people I was involved with. Now, I don’t have time for all of that. I use facebook to just connect with a Crunch Mama group I like and a few blogger support groups, also to give a like back to bloggers when they like my page. I hate looking down my timeline because it’s jsut a bunch of drama and double minded people sharing every detail of their lives. I only like something typically when it’s mommy related- like the kids, life event or good recipe…but those are on the newsfeed in my view…you don’t really catch me scrolling lol. None of those people on facebook are in my life. The family members like my parents and siblings, I talk to on the phone or text once in a while. :)
    Brittnei recently posted…New Sponsor With Style: Angel from Sew Crafty AngelMy Profile

    1. Brittnei, I hope that we do meet sometime – maybe I should come to AZ in the winter!!!
      Hooray that you have a client – Nellie has a lot of great ideas to use for sure.
      Overall, I have some really great friends on FB – just don’t need some of the extra drama.
      Kim recently posted…No Room for DramaMy Profile

  13. I deal with the drama by stepping away from it. I don’t surround myself with drama queens – they just suck out all my emotional energy. I like to hang out with positive people because they feed my soul.
    Char recently posted…As RequestedMy Profile

  14. Love the crunches and I guess there is something really wrong with me b/c I haven’t read Cranky Fitness yet! I’m excited :-) wine and fitness are two of my favorite things.
    As for drama? I avoid it at all costs. How? I have very few female friends. Seriously. I have a lot of acquaintances but as for REAL friends – I can count them on one hand. And, I really try to not spend too much time on FB!
    Allie recently posted…I Heart Headbands & RunnerboxMy Profile

  15. I am so not a drama person! I am an honest person and I like to tell it how it is (which can sometimes get me in trouble!), so I can’t stand the drama among adults, i.e. women. It’s so ridiculous. I grew up with two older brothers, so there wasn’t any time for drama in our household.
    Melissa @ Fit ‘n’ Well Mommy recently posted…38 Weeks Pregnant!My Profile

  16. I am getting back in the loop with my blog reading and need to catch up! First, congrats on the 37 miler!!! Definitely amazing! Regarding adult drama, I hate hate hate it. What is odd to me is that some folks actually seem to enjoy it. I’ve come to find over the years with social networking that if someone starts a pattern of being nasty, rude, disrespectful, etc, to me or others, I remove them as best as I can and consider that connection done and useless. I’m too old now to log in to my computer and have all the negativity and bad feelings that get strewn around. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt that now and then there is a foul mood or bad day, and that is normal. But, if it becomes a pattern of behavior, then I’m no longer participating. Cheers!
    Christina recently posted…Running outside when it is bitter coldMy Profile

    1. Christina, I’m so excited to see you around again!!!
      I agree with you – it does seem like some adults enjoy the drama and almost thrive on it. And, I’m with you – I don’t need the negativity at this point in my life.
      Kim recently posted…Someone Stole My IdentityMy Profile

    1. Rabia, I agree – no time for that!!! And, like you I never announce those kind of things – to me that is like having a blog post to tell everyone that I’m taking the day off of blogging – defeats the whole point!!!
      Kim recently posted…Someone Stole My IdentityMy Profile

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