One of Those Days

Today for my 44 I tried a new to me move that Fitknitchick  (Tamara) shared on her Facebook page.  It is called a Jefferson Deadlift and it really is different.

My version looked something like this – 

ready (awkward!!)
ready (awkward!!)

And, because it seems like one leg works harder in the stance, I did 2 sets of 44 so I could work the other side equally hard.

2nd side
2nd side



Yesterday was one of “those” days.  Do you know the kind I’m talking about?  Not a horrible day, just a day that everything (and I really mean EVERYTHING) irritated me.

*  pictures for my daily 44 – not the way I would have done them 
*  9.6 miles – actually this went OK and I caught up on some of my reality shows
*  no shower, just change into dry workout stuff to go clean the venue
*  still no gas in my car!!!
*  Chris & Hunter went with me to clean and set-up but that pretty much just got on my nerves because I had to tell them what and how to do things (because it should be done my way – right?!)
*  noticed more floor issues – I’m sure it’s still related to flood (OK – not really a flood, just a LOT of water)

flood at our venue
flood at our venue

*  call from a guy who gave us a bid for some work that was double what his estimate had been (and he is a talker!!)
*  a bride who wants to book our venue but she wants me to give her several hours for free
*  loud talkers at dinner (the boys) and there was some spitting involved (I might have taken my plate and drink out of the room for a bit)
*  my bracket is already a mess and the tournament barely started!!

See, nothing major.  Actually, most of it comes down to the fact that I like things to go my way and not much did yesterday.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.57.42 PM

Oh, by the way…Wednesday night I met a friend for dinner and this happened –

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.58.59 PMSo I pretty much failed on giving up wine (and everything else) for Lent.  I made it 2 weeks!!! (EPIC FAIL!)

It’s a new day and I am going to try and not be so cranky – it is Fun Friday after all!!!

Anyone else have days that you just feel cranky all day for now real reason?

Happy Friday!!


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