Make it Harder!!!

Today the initial part of the 43 was fairly easy – a squat off a step.  However, I wanted to make it more challenging so I held an 8 pound medicine ball over my head the entire time. After 86 squats (43 per side), the place I felt it the most was my triceps and they were on FIRE!!!

The move was to start with both feet on a step.  Lower the right foot off the step and squat.  Step back up with right foot and lower left foot.  Squat on the left and return to start for 1 rep.  Repeat for your desired goal – 43 for me – keeping arms extended straight overhead with a medicine ball, dumbbell or even no weight the entire time.

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I wanted to get back into a better weight lifting routine so I started Chalean Extreme     back up .  I did Burn Circuit 1 and I’m sure that I will feel every rep tomorrow!! After that I decided to get in a quick cardio session so I did Turbo Jam – Cardio Party 2.  I love days that I have a time for a little extra training!

Have a great Wednesday!

Kim :Aerobics:

Keep Pushing!

Today was another variation of a push-up for my 43.  There was a time when I couldn’t do even 1 push-up but over time I have built up to 43 (+).

The move today was a walk-out to a push-up.  Start standing with feet together.  Roll down and place hands on floor near feet.  Keep legs straight and walk hands out to plank position.  Perform push-up then walk hands back to feet and roll up.  Repeat!

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I guess I did OK because when I finished Hunter said “Wow – you didn’t even take a break!”

After my 43 I decided to test my hip on the treadmill again.  I did 5 miles at 6:30 pace and then jogged 2.5 more miles.  I think my hip hurts less than last week when I ran so that is a bonus.  I can tell I have lost some serious conditioning over the past couple of months that I have had to lay off running.  Hopefully I can start running more again soon!

Gotta dash – got a last minute sub job!


Home Sweet Home!!!

No matter where I go, I’m always happy to be back home.  Today was another day in the car – it was a very quick trip to Texas!!!

I wanted to get my 43 done even though I was traveling so I did another fun car exercise.  (I’m pretty sure this one could not be done without using cruise control!)

I did a version of a wall sit.  Basically, I lifted myself off of my seat and held that position for about 15 seconds – 43 times.  I only lowered for 3-5 seconds between reps.  I totally felt this in my quads and a little in my shins.  I did make sure not to put the weight in my arms on the steering wheel – I wanted my legs doing the work.

I’m sure it looked a little odd to people that I passed but at least I got my 43 done!!!

Glad to be home! (and get back to really working out)


Kickin’ it Texas Style

Happy Sunday! A quick post (no pictures – doing this from my phone today) and then off to a day of shopping in the rain.

For my 43 today I wanted something I could do in a small amount of space yet still get my heart rate up. I did a front kick to a lunge. I started with my left leg stationary, knee slightly bent. Do a front kick with right leg and at the same time punch forward with left arm. Immediately pull right leg back into lunge position and touch floor with left hand. Continue moving quickly to goal – 43!! Repeat with left leg.

Time to get ready and head to Canton!


43 In The Car


I am on my way to Texas for a weekend of shopping with my sister.  But, I still wanted to do a 43.  I got in some toning work by tightening my butt and stomach muscles and holding them.  As I drove through Kansas, I used the mile markers as my reference.  I tightened the muscles and held for a mile, then released for a mile until I reached my 43.

I am not typing as I drive, I am dictating to my wonderful husband Chris.

See ya in Texas!


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