Push-Ups and a New Look

I like to do some form of push-ups every week for one of  43s  because I want to build up to the point were I can do LOTS of push-ups!!!

Today I did a basic push-up

Push-up (to T-stand)








to a T-stand (on the T-stand I alternated sides).

T-Stand (from push-up)








I did 43 total push-ups so 22 T-stands on the right side and 21 on the left side.  I kept my push-ups slow to provide extra resistance and then held each T-stand for a 2-count.

After my 43 I wasn’t really motivated to lift weight so I did part of a new work-out. It is one of the 10 Minutes Solution DVDs (which I love!!!) – Ultimate Boot Camp with Jessica Smith.  I did 2 sections:  Fat fighting skills & drills (cardio) and Six pack ab attack.  Then I decided I was ready to hit the weights!! Today started week 3 of Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit.  I’m happy that I got in my weights after all!

I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures above but last night was hair night and I decided it was time for a fall look – back to brunette with some red streaks!!!

I’m spending the afternoon volunteering at Hunter’s school and I think this morning I will bake something for the boys.  I’m not really a baker (I love to cook!) but the cloudy, cooler weather just makes it seem like the thing to do (and the house will smell great!!).

Enjoy your Wednesday!!!


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