Real Life vs Vacation Life

I’m being featured over at Jennifer’s blog Wine to Weightlifting today!!!  She has a really great blog and does Friday spotlights – check it out if you get a chance!! 

Today for my 43 I did squats with my barbell (20 pounds).  Instead of just doing a standard squat, I stayed in the squat position the entire time – 


From the squat position, I alternated lifting my right leg and holding it up –

right leg up
right leg up

I put my right leg down (staying in a squat position still) and lifted my left leg and held it:

left leg up
left leg up

I counted a right leg up and left leg up as one rep – my quads were burning (and I was breathing HARD) by the time I finished all 43.  

And, today I did something I rarely do – I repeated yesterday’s workout.  I’m trying to get in all 3 rounds of Taylor’s  weekly challenge after a late start this week.  It was HARD today because I’m so sore from yesterday.  Pretty sure the combat push-ups are what did it, or maybe the million burpees, or……

Anyway, even being sore, I was able to get more reps in all 3 circuits today.  I hope I can increase again when I do the 3rd round tomorrow!

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 8.06.18 AM


Yesterday was our first day home in almost 2 weeks and it was non-stop!!!  Chris had to work – big drill weekend to get ready for.  

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 8.26.30 AMI got both boys enrolled for the new school year.  It is funny here – we have to enroll on-line and then you go up to the school and go through lines to take care of the rest of it.  I now officially have a 7th grader and a freshman!!!

Jordan started band camp yesterday and will have that every day from now until school starts (August 13).

We went shopping for Hunter’s school supplies – thankfully we only had to go to Target for everything!!

New shoes for both boys (and I might have gotten another pair of tennis shoes, too!!!).

Orthodontist appointment for Hunter.

Pretty sure that I could do with another vacation!!!  

I miss my "office" view!!
I miss my “office” view!!

I guess there is nothing like a day of reality to make you appreciate the peace of vacation even more!!!

Happy Fun Friday!!!


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