Today was a day when I picked my 43 that I knew it would be hard and I knew that I would have to do 86 because I don’t want to be lopsided!!!

I did a a side crunch that also worked my low back, butt and outer thighs. I think my hips got the most pain out of this move!!!  Start by kneeling on the floor and lean all the way over to your right side, placing right palm on the floor.  Extend left leg to side and put left hand behind head.  Slowly lift left leg to hip height and extend arm above your leg with palm facing forward.  Lower and repeat.  After finally completing  43, I switched sides and started all over!

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I know on the video it looks like I just did 3/side – just for demo purposes!!!  After Jordan recorded those I started the actual 43 x 2 – the video would be much too painful if we recorded the whole thing!!

Today was another lifting day – Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 1.  Chalean not only makes the work-out fun, she includes lots of great tips on form, breathing, eating, etc.

This ecard pretty much sums up why I push myself – love breaking barriers and achieving more than I once thought possible – best reward ever!!!

Happy Saturday!!!



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