September Is Going to be EPIC!!!

Today I started with a plan for my 43 and ended up having to do an extremely  modified version!!!  I used my BOSU & stability ball for some hard-core push-ups!! 

BOSU & stability ball

I put my legs on the stability ball and my hands on the upside down BOSU to do push-ups.  Not easy because the BOSU wobbles when it is upside down and the stability ball wants to roll every where – good for the core though because you have to work so hard just to maintain your balance.

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My original plan was to put just my feet on the stability ball and roll the ball in close so that the push-up was more of a pike position – Um…..that move needs some serious work!!!

I did one of my favorite workouts – Turbo Fire!!!  Today I did Fire 45  – 45 minutes of nonstop cardio that is super fun because Chalean keeps the energy high and the music going!

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 9.15.57 AMSeptember – so many fun and exciting things coming up this month!!

1.  Friday night high school football games – Jordan is in marching band and has his first game in just a few days!!

marching band
marching band

2.  Cross country meets – Hunter is running middle school cross country.  The meets are on Saturday mornings, Tuesday afternoons, a Wednesday meet (it varies).  He has 6-8 meets in the next month!!!

one of my favorite sports!!
one of my favorite sports!!

3.  Texas Longhorn football!!!  College football is back and I’m hoping that the Longhorns have a better season than they have the past few years.  

supporting the Horns even when dressed for church!
supporting the Horns even when dressed for church!

They are off to a good start with a 56-7 win last night!!!  Hook ’em Horns!!!

4.  This is the first month of our new business!  This month we have several weddings/receptions booked and I’m going to work on some of my plans to add in more events at our venue!!!

5.  In 2 short weeks (just 14 more days!) I will have accomplished 2 huge goals:
      365 consecutive daily 43s
      365 days with a daily blog post

6.  And – IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 9.06.15 AM   2 weeks from tomorrow I will start in with a new goal and a new challenge – Daily 44s starting with my birthday run – 44 miles!!!! 

What is going to be epic in your September?

Happy Sunday & Happy September!!!



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