Snow Days – Productive or Play?

Today’s 44 was actually a simple move (some days I need it to be a little easier!!).  I think it is a ballet stance (1st, 2nd….???) – anyway start with your heels together, toes slightly turned out – 


From the start, squat down and reach your hands to the floor –


Then stand up on toes and reach to the sky –


See, a nice easy move – more of a stretch than anything!!!  Maybe these should be called a ballet squat & reach (closest I will ever come to ballet!).

Day 3 of Michelle Bridges – There were 3 different program options (I think 3) and I chose the Lean and Strong plan.  Lots of lifting which is good since I haven’t done much lifting for awhile.  Yesterday I also managed to get an 11 mile run in!!

morning view
morning view

So, the call to cancel school yesterday ended up being a smart choice.  The snow started around 9:00am and it was still coming down at 10:00 when we went to bed.  

start of the sunrise
start of the sunrise

I think that I saw about 13″ as the general consensus.  UGH!!!!!  

back deck - snow almost up to bottom of chairs
back deck – snow almost up to bottom of chairs

Sometime yesterday evening they made the decision to cancel school again today.  The snow has stopped and the current temperature is 3* with a high of about 14 for the day.  Actually based on the upcoming week’s forecast, we are going to have snow around for a LONG time!!!

mountain in the cup-de-sac from the plow
mountain in the cul-de-sac from the plow

So – how do you handle snow days?  Do you use them to be uber productive or do you treat them as a bonus day?

When I worked full time at a school, I always viewed snow days as a gift – a day to relax and watch movies and play games with the boys.

Now that I’m technically self-employed and the work never goes away I still view snow days as a bonus day to enjoy.  No alarms, no rushing around, extra time lounging.  Yesterday and today are double treats because Chris even got snow days – rare for the base to close!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 8.14.09 AMToday I might have to do a little bit of work stuff but overall I’m going to keep to my rule and let this be a bonus day.  I think we are even going to try and get in a game of Monopoly later!!!

My #1 snow day rule is always this – I NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE ON A SNOW DAY.  NOT EVEN TO GET THE MAIL!!!!

I’m not a fan of snow.  I don’t look outside and think it’s pretty or fun or any of those things.  I look outside and just see cold and slick and mess. UGH!!

Snow days – do you treat them as a bonus day or is it a day to be productive?
Do you like snow?

Happy Wednesday!!


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