So Many Kinds of Love

Today started early (although not as early as I had planned since I could not sleep last night!!!) because I’m off to the school to help do inventory in the library!!

Of course, I still did my daily 43!!!  Jordan helped out yesterday afternoon and let me take a couple of pictures of him.

I did an Iron Squat!  Start by holding a medicine ball in both hands (I used a 9 pound ball).


Squat down until your elbows touch your knees (or quads!).

squat - touch elbows to knees - butt back!
squat – touch elbows to knees – butt back!

Stand, squeeze your butt as you do, and push the ball overhead.

squeeze butt to stand & push ball overhead
squeeze butt to stand & push ball overhead

Repeat!  43 for me.

After finishing that I was going to do HIIT Power but I wasn’t really feeling it so I did something I’m horrible about doing – I ran – nice and easy!!!  I just ran for a total of 33 minutes and really tried to relax and enjoy it instead of feel the need to push hard.  (I have learned a lot by reading so many running blogs – feeling the need to run hard all the time is probably why I can’t run every day – DUH!!!)

I’m sure that this will sound bad but I’m really not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day!  For starters – I only have 1 true Valentine. My boys don’t have any but they always have school parties!!!  I just think it’s a funny holiday – I guess the whole point is to remember to show love.

I started thinking about all the different kinds of Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 7.18.52 AM

There is the love of material things.  I’m always saying I loveBootsor

check out the cool color!
check out the cool color!

But those are just shoes!!!

There is the love of places:Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 7.36.10 AM


and we all know I love Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 7.48.47 AM

I also love pretty sunrises (or sunsets):


(It was a little cloudy earlier but you can see some of the colors showing through!)

The love of food:


(Chris left these for me this morning cause he knows every once in a while nothing else will do!!!)

Then, there is the love we have for people!  I love my grandparents for so many reasons!100_0113This was several years ago. (My Poppa is 98 now!!  And, my Mema died 2 years ago.)

I love my boys with every fiber in me!!!DSCN1398


(This was last summer in Texas – silly boys!)

And then, I have my one true love – Chris, my Valentine!!!!DSCN1985(I really need more pictures of him on here!!!)

Happy Valentine’s Thursday!



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