Some Tough Decisions

Lately I’ve been struggling with several things and trying to figure out the best solution.  I keep telling myself that if it causes stress I need to just let it go but that is easier said than done!!!

Hunter playing his cello
Hunter playing his cello

You probably already know that Hunter plays cello.  He plays at school but he also takes private lessons and that has been a great experience.

However, his teacher just let all of her students know that she is increasing her rate by $5/half hour.  Since she is already higher than most of the private music teachers in town we are having a hard time going along with the rate increase.  (We drive to her and buy our own music.)

Hunter loves her as a teacher and has learned a lot but we are trying to decide what is too much!!!

Ultra Running 

You might remember  that I have tried (twice) and failed (twice) to complete a 50 mile race.  Well, this weekend I’m actually supposed to go to Illinois and meet up with a blog friend (Carmen) to run an ultra on Saturday.

The problem is that we have day events, night events and a weekend wedding at the venue and I have been stressed for weeks trying to figure out how to get everything done (cleaning, set-up, ironing…) and still drive to IL without arriving at midnight or later Friday night.


And, the thing that I’m really trying to figure out the most is my blog. I hired someone to help me make the switch to self-hosted but ever since he switched it from Go Daddy to whatever it is now, I have had nothing but trouble!!!  I spent most of last week avoiding my blog because it was causing me so much stress!!!

I told Chris the other day that as much as I love blogging I know it takes up a lot of time that I could (and probably should) spend on the venue and some other things I’ve committed to lately.

Being the super smart man that he is, he told me to just keep going with my blog – he knows that if I gave it up I would regret it in a very short time!!!  

Cello lessons, ultra races (in a different state), blogging…..time to really figure out what is most important!!!

Do you go back and forth between what you WANT to do and what you know you SHOULD do?

Happy Monday!!


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