Special Post – Special Guest: Exercise & Cancer

Please welcome Melanie Bowen!!  She has a degree in nutrition and is working on her Master’s in exercise science.  She also enjoys learning about different types of  alternative health options.

You can read more about Melanie on her website Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog.

How to Exercise when You Have Cancer

Living a healthy life while battling cancer seems like an impossible task. You probably go for your traditional chemotherapy and feel like doing nothing else but resting when you get home. Cancer treatment can leave you feeling exhausted and in pain. While it may be difficult to recover from treatments, exercise can help to strengthen your body and improve your general mood. You will find that there are numerous benefits when you are committed to a regular exercise regimen. Even if you are in later stages of mesothelioma or just diagnosed with colon cancer, exercise can still be quite beneficial.

The reason doctors recommend exercise and advise many people to workout regularly is because of how beneficial it is for both the body and mind. Whether it’s just a walk around the block or an hour-long jog on the treadmill, exercise can improve bodily functions and the way you perceive things. For cancer patients, exercise helps to strengthen a weakened immune system so that it is easier for your body to ward off illness. Exercise improves circulation, cardiac and respiratory function, and strengthens bones and muscles. Working out can also help to boost your mood through the release of endorphins. This will help you feel better about your health, body and your current situation in life.

You should never forgo regular cancer treatment and rely on exercise to cure your cancer however; it should be used to complement your cancer treatment so that you are taking care of the underlying problem and addressing issues that might arise due to treatment. Working out can make you feel more energized and happier while you routinely go for treatment. Many cancer patients find exercising relaxing and helpful in order for them to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

If you feel that a workout regimen is right for you, you might want to think about speaking with your doctor and establishing a set routine that works with your schedule and condition. Ask your doctor about exercise and which workouts they recommend for cancer patients who are in your current state of health. Your doctor might recommend working out lightly only once a week or he might even suggest working out every other day at a moderate intensity. It is up to you and your healthcare provider on the types of exercises you do and how often you happen to do them at home.

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