Spider Walking

Don’t be scared!!!Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 9.32.24 AM


(Sorry, hope spiders don’t gross you out!!! I find them fascinating!!!)

Today’s 43 was one of those that worked pretty much every inch of my body!!!  Spider walking!!!  Fun stuff for sure!!!

Start in plank or push-up position.  Walk your opposite knee and hand forward while dropping your body lower – repeat with other side – continue!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n3DRMobVYk’]

Jordan has pretty good form – don’t you think??

I counted 3 forward walks on each side (I think that is what Jordan did in the demo, too) as 1 rep then I stood, turned and went the other direction for the next one until I reached the magic #  of 43!!!  I felt this in my arms, shoulders, core, hip flexors and quads!!!!  How’s that for a 5-1 combo move?!

Today I was back to Les Mills Combat with a new work-out:  Combat 60 Live – Ultimate Warrior!  This has to be my favorite one yet!!!  First off, besides the Combat crew, there were about 400 people doing the work-out with them!  Second, this work-out was HARD and very intense!!!  The 60 minutes went by very quickly because, like all of their work-outs, it is broken into segments and you can see the segment (and total) time at the bottom of the screen.

What I really liked was the fact that there were some new moves and combos in this one!!  Plus, the cool-down was different from the others but very effective!!!

Love trying new work-outs!!!

new running skirt!!
new running skirt!!

It’s hard to see but this skirt would have been great for yesterday. Running love!! Maybe next year I will do a Valentine’s day run!!

Hooray for a LONG weekend!!!  The boys have 5 days out of school (they were out yesterday, too) because of parent/teacher conferences and an inservice on Monday.  Chris is off today (SDO – scheduled day off.  They work 9 hour days and then have an SDO every other week – pretty cool.) and Monday for President’s Day!Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 9.45.52 AMWooHoo!!  Love it when every one is off!!!

And, finally – 15th day of February and I’m still doing the number of wall-sits to sync up with the day – today I’ve completed 15 1-minute wall-sits.  Not gonna lie – it is getting hard!!! I have to spread them out a little more. (I make tally marks as I do them so I don’t lose count and cheat or do any extra!!!)  Hunter & Chris are participating, too!!!  Hunter does burpees every day and Chris is doing push-ups daily!!!  (Jordan opted out – party pooper!!)

Happy Fun Friday!!!


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