Sunday Morning Killer Circuit

Today I decided to do a circuit for my 43.  I wanted to get some toning, cardio, plyo – basically some of everything in one quick round (well actually 43 rounds!).  Looking at the circuit you might think it is no big deal – try a few!!!

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 9.11.19 AMThe first 10 or so weren’t terrible – but the last 10 were brutal!!!  A tough 43 for sure!!!

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I think part of the challenge came from the fact that I kept going from floor moves to standing – constant up and down.  It was a good workout for sure!!!

I’m not sure what is going on with Phil the groundhog – I think he was a little off this year.Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 9.01.54 AM

On a happy note – I finally figured out how to make a picture collage!!!  Thanks  to Lindsay at  The Lean Green Bean for sharing her favorite 30 Apps for the iPhone the other day – I learned about Diptic!!

Even though my Grandmother is no longer here, today would be her birthday – Happy Birthday, Mema!!  I miss you every day!!!

aren't they cute!!
aren’t they cute!!

(My Mema never looked at the camera – only at the people in the picture with her!)

Happy Sunday!!


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