Sunshine Award

Today for my 43 I did a move that was inspired by the only Barre workout I’ve done – Cathe Friedrich’s Barre DVD.  I used my “bar” – 

Handy piece of work-out equipment!!
Handy piece of work-out equipment!!

I did a 2-part leg lift.  


First, I lifted my leg to the back –


I brought my leg down (without swinging it!!!) and without touching the floor I lifted it out to the side.  I continued lifting back and side in a slow controlled manner until I finished all 43 reps.

lift to the side
lift to the side

And, because I don’t want my left leg to feel left out, I had to do 43 more with the left leg.

getting ready to go again
getting ready to go again

I have been working on adding extra moves to strengthen my hips lately since I’m running more often and more miles right now – hoping to stay injury free at least for the next couple of months!!!!

I also did my 3rd round of Taylor’s challenge for the week – The Race Is On.  I’m not gonna lie – this week’s workout was tough!!!  Even though it took less than 15 minutes, it was very intense and hard-core!  My time on Monday for the entire workout was 15:46 and today I did it in 12:55!!!  No breaks, no rest – just high intensity for almost 13 minutes!!

Heather @ Run Like a G! nominated me for the Sunshine Award.

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 3.03.17 PM Because I’m super lame, I asked her if it would be OK if I answered the questions without doing the rest of the award requirements (picking 10 other people to answer questions from me).  She said it would be fine – thanks, Heather for nominating me and letting me be a 1/2 participant!!! 

Questions from Heather:

1.  What is your favorite thing about running?
I love how strong and free I feel when I run.  Some runs are good and others not so much but I always feel alive after completing a run.  And, my calves almost always look like I’m wearing heels!!!

2. What FRIENDS character are you more like?
I’m probably the most like Monica – I am very type A and sometimes fairly obsessive!!!

3.  If money wasn’t an option, what country/island/place would you explore for a week? 
Australia – my number one place that I want to visit and haven’t yet!!!

4.  Bodybuilding – yay or nay?
Not for me just because I don’t have the discipline required (especially as far as the nutrition goes!).  But I love seeing how others can transform their bodies through hard-work and discipline.

5.  What do you LOVE about your body?
I’m happy with my body 95% of the time – mostly because I love how strong it is.  I know that I can push myself harder now than I did 5 years ago and that makes me HAPPY!!!

6.  Tell me your favorite season and give two reasons why it is your favorite season.
Summer – always!!!  I love the heat and days spent at the pool or beach with my family.  I also love the slower pace that we enjoy during the summer when we aren’t tied down with a school schedule.

7.  Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes!  My husband and I met on a Tuesday night (at a bar).  I didn’t see him again until the following Saturday when he picked me up and we drove 7 hours (each way) to go to a concert.  He told me several months later that he knew on the way to Austin (for the concert) that I was the person he was going to marry.

8.  If you could have an exotic animal as a pet, which would you choose?
I’m not a huge pet person but I would probably go with some type of snake – maybe a dwarf boa.

9.  Have you read Harry Potter?
No.  My oldest son (14 now) read all the books the summer after he finished 2nd grade!!!  I have only seen the first 4 movies – I enjoyed them but sort of lost interest.

10.  What is your favorite cereal?
Ohs – no milk!!!

I would nominate all the blogs I read for a Sunshine Award so I’m not doing that part.  Feel free to pick any (or all) of the questions and share your answer(s).

Happy Saturday!!!


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