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Are You the Same in “Real Life” as You Are Online?

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Pretty much all bloggers know that you can have friends (really great ones even) that you might not have actually met in person.

There are times at dinner that I share a story and the boys say, “One of your bloggy friends?”  YEP!!!  They think it is sort of weird but they also know who I’m talking about when I refer to some of my bloggy friends by name.

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I always wonder if I would recognize some of my bloggy friends if I saw them out somewhere!  And, I wonder if they are the same in person as they seem to be on their blog.  I think that I would recognize and know the majority of them!!

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I have always tried to be 100% myself on this blog!!!  I have many faults and imperfections and they are pretty much all part of who I am on the blog as well as in real life.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 8.59.16 PMMy hope is that if/when we meet you will feel like you know me because we have already been friends through our blogs!!!

Yesterday I met Susan (Sole Searching Mama) while she and her family were here in Topeka to watch one of her son’s wrestle in the state tournament.  If you don’t know Susan, you really should head over and meet her.  She is an amazing mom to 5 super cute/handsome boys and she is 30 weeks pregnant with their 6th child.  

Hunter went with me since he wrestled back in the fall and it was so great to meet Susan and all of her family!!!  She is exactly like I thought she would be!!!  Susan and her entire family are beautiful and I’m super happy that we were able to meet in real life.  (I didn’t take any pictures – just enjoyed the time chatting with her and watching wrestling!)

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 8.43.12 PMI know that many of y’all have met other blog friends at different conferences, races or just because.  Were you surprised or was it like running into an old friend?

I hope that any time I meet a blog friend they think I’m exactly the same in person as I am on here!

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.10.20 PMI’m pretty much just me – all the time for better or worse!!!!

Happy Monday!!!