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Super Sonic Teachers

School starts this week – CRAZY!!!!

This is the last year that I will have a middle school student – next year both boys will be at the high school.  Also CRAZY!!!

Last year I was the co-president of the middle school PTO.  This year I’m just doing Teacher Appreciation stuff.  Part of that involves doing a welcome back gift for the teachers.  Because our school is pretty big, we just do something for the certified teachers for this event.  (The rest of the staff will be included throughout the year.)

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 8.38.33 PM

Creativity is NOT my strong suit!!!

But, I didn’t want to just put a gift card into each of the teacher’s boxes.

First, I had to decide what type of gift card to get.  Last year I did Starbucks gift cards and didn’t want to do the exact same thing.  I finally decided that Sonic would be a good choice – there is something for everyone at Sonic, right?!

Sonic Gift CardThis is what I came up with!  Not fancy but when it comes down to it I know that they will just take the gift card off and pitch the rest.

Sonic Gift CardAnd, I had 80 of these to make so it  took hours!!!!

Are you crafty?  Do you enjoy “making” things?

Happy Monday!!!