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Some Friday Favorites

For my 44 today I went with a move that Debbie @ Live from La Quinta had in a post the other day about balance.  I figure I might not have balance in all areas of my life but I can work on my actual balance!!! 

I did a 1 arm chest press on the stability ball.  

right arm ready
right arm ready
press up
press up

I did all 44 reps on the right side and then switched and did 44 more because it’s all about  balance!!!

left arm
left arm

It might seem like it is easier to do 1 arm at a time but you really do have to work on the balance and hold tighter with your core so you don’t roll off the ball.  I used 15 pounds and that was just enough to make the last 5 reps or so really difficult!!!

And, I did another run (4 in 1 week!!!) – 1.5% incline for 8 miles at 7:30 pace then an easy cool down mile.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 7.04.06 AMThe Sound of Music is one of my all time favorite movies and like Julie Andrews says, “I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad!!!”  

I love our new dishwasher!!

buttons on top
buttons on top

The fact that the buttons are on the top of it is nice because our old one had them right on the front and people were always leaning against it and turning it on!!!  Plus – check out the 3 racks –

can you tell there are 3 racks?
can you tell there are 3 racks?
top rack
top rack

Look how cool the top rack is – it holds all of those big utensils – I love it!!!

Another kitchen appliance that I love is my Ninja Crock Pot!!!  (I actually love all of my crock pots and use them often.)  


The really cool thing about this one is that you can use it in other ways besides just a slow cooker.  The feature I love is the stove-top cooking one.

can you read the dial
can you read the dial

So, I don’t have to use a skillet to sauté onions or brown meat – I just do it in the Ninja – it’s genius!!!

And, I haven’t watched as much college basketball as I normally do but the other night my favorite team did this –

Hook 'em Horns!!!
Hook ’em Horns!!!

Pretty big deal for Texas to beat Kansas since I actually live in Kansas!!!

My final favorite today is this cool YouTube video that Jordan put together for me.

I wanted to have some kind of picture display for the Bridal Fair this weekend and Jordan took care of it for me!!!

What is one of your favorites today?

Happy Friday!!


Some Days are Harder than Others

Today for my 44 I did a chest press with a twist at the top and while I was pressing my arms up, I lowered my legs to work my abs.

This was a struggle today!!  I made it through all 44 but it was rough!!!  (I used 15 pound dumbbells.)

Insanity the Asylum vol.2 today was Back & 6 Pack – all I can say about this is I’m happy it was only 40 minutes.  I did the entire workout but I probably only put in about 75% effort which isn’t my normal way to workout – usually I go 100% every day.  But, I figured 75% was better than nothing.

The tooth pain that I’ve been having (actually turned out to be a sinus infection) and the fact that for the past week I’ve gotten even less sleep than normal has finally caught up with me.Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 6.28.12 AM

I’m exhausted!!!  

But, no time to focus on that – I have to clean the Governor’s Row House today to get ready for a weekend party.  Oh, and I get to iron all the tablecloths today – my favorite (3 hours of ironing!!!).

Oh, well – enough whining and moaning!!!  Time for the answers to yesterday’s riddles.

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 6.32.14 AM1.  Some use me better than others, even though everyone gets the same.  If you lose me, it might be stressful, for I can’t be found or reclaimed.  What am I?    Time

2.  When I am filled, I can point the way.
     When I am empty, nothing moves me.
     What am I?   gloves

3.  Why are 2007 pennies worth more than 2006 pennies?  you have 1 more penny

4.  What happened in 1961 and will not happen again until 6009?  if you rotate the number 180 it is still the same number

5.  Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world?  Mount Everest

6.  How can you use the letters in NEW DOOR to make one word?  those letters spell ONE WORD

Bonus:  Use all 26 letters of the English alphabet to complete the following 13 words, but use each letter only once.

  • b a g a i n
  • o d g e r
  • d y n a s t y
  • z y g o t e
  • s a l v a t i o n
  • d i s h p a n
  • p u m p k i n
  • d e e j a y
  • b o x c a r
  • d i m w i t
  • s u n b u r n
  • o b l i q u e
  • l i f t o f f

So, how did you do?  
Do you have any riddles?

Happy Thursday!!!



Monday Morning Musings

Today’s 44 was one of those great combo moves that I love!!  I did an alternating arm chest press on a bench with my legs at about 45 degrees (to work my core!).

start - need to lower my legs a bit!
start – need to lower my legs a bit!
one arm down other stays up
one arm down other stays up
switch arms
switch arms

I counted a right and a left chest press as 1 rep.  This was a good move – my abs were dying by the time I reached 44 reps!  (15 pound dumbbells)

I decided that today was a good day for some Turbo Jam – Cardio Party 3.  Working out with Chalean and her crew is always a great way to start the day – good workout and some fun at the same time!!!

1.  I have spent the past 2 days painting – ALL DAY!!  One of the apartments above our new venue has been vacant for a week and I needed to get it ready to rent out again.  


I know the pictures aren’t great – chalk it up to being tired!!!  The walls were very dingy and mismatched before.  Now they are all a nice tan color (very rich looking!!) except the bathroom which I painted white because it is so small.  I don’t know if you can tell from the before shot but it was 2 shades of green (even the ceiling was painted!).

2.  While painting, I showed the apartment 3 times!!!  We have a new tenant and I love her!!!  She is the sweetest lady (probably helped that she has raised 6 kids) and yesterday when she came back by to sign everything, she hugged me (nasty, sweaty, paint covered and all) when she left!!!  

And – our sweet new tenant asked me who did the gardening (there is quite a bit around the entire house!!).  I told her that would be me if you counted pulling weeds since that is all I’ve attempted so far and I have a black thumb!!!  She asked if she could work in them!!!  Ummm….YES!!!  Work in them as much as you like!  She said she loves gardening!!!  (Look, someone offered to help and I didn’t even have to ask – bonus!!)

3.  Last week I scrambled around for dinner pretty much every night and I had big plans to do better this week.  Epic fail!!!!  I didn’t plan a single thing – gonna have to go with a lot of stand-bys this week!!!

4.  I wish I were here – 

my happy place!
my happy place!

5.  The Amazing Race started a new season last night – WooHoo!!!

6.    My awesome sister-in-law, Stacy, ran her first half marathon yesterday – 2:02 on a very hilly course!  She totally rocks!!!

Rockin' the Runner T!!!
Rockin’ the Runner T!!!

7.  As much as I would love to share more of the thoughts pinging around in my head, it’s time for me to get on with my day!!!  

What thoughts are bouncing around in your head this morning?

Happy Monday!!


Prescription Compression Stockings are AWFUL!!!

I wanted to do a completely different 43 than the one I actually did – mostly because I want to be able to truly workout again – but today isn’t the day!!

For my 43 I combined a little ab work with some chest work – I did a hip lift with a press.  Start by lying on your back with your legs straight up at 90 degrees, elbows bent at 90 holding dumbbells (10 pounds for me).  Press your arms up while lifting your hips straight up, return to start and repeat.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl2_i4zRL-M’]

I really thought that I would be able to at least do the dreaded  elliptical for a little bit today but there is no way that is happening!

Yesterday I put on my lovely prescription compression stockings for the first time.Compression Stockings

The ones I have are from Medi.  Compression Stockings

See that stocking?  It is supposed to go all the way to the top of your thigh!!  Yesterday it took me 15 minutes of sheer pain and torture to get both of the lovely gems on.Kim - compression stockings

Don’t you love my fashion statement?  Stockings, Nike running shorts and Brooks running shoes – the best part is that you could sort-of see the top part of the stockings – CLASSY!!!

I followed the orders and wore these all day and night (except for a brief period when I had to take the right one off for an ultrasound to check for a blood clot in my calf).

Notice that I didn’t say I slept in them!!  I wore them all night but there was ZERO sleep involved!!!  These things hurt every part of my leg (including my now bruised toes!!).  I already have a great deal of bruising and swelling from the surgery but now I have new bruises from the stockings!!!  I didn’t unwrap to show it but my entire ankle bone is awful!!BruiseThese stockings are 30-40 mmHg of pressure.  To put that into perspective, most compression socks (or sleeves) that so many of y’all run in or wear after long runs are 20-25 mmHG at the ankle and about 18 mmHg on the calf.

Basically, wearing these was the equivalent of stuffing my size 6-8 body into a size 0!!  MISERABLE!!!  PAINFUL!!  Not sure I can bring myself to put them on again (and I’m supposed to wear them all the time for the next 2-4 weeks!!).

In addition to the awful, pain-inducing stockings – my right calf is very swollen and I can hardly put any weight on it. I called the DR yesterday and she wanted me to go to the hospital for an ultrasound.   The ultrasound tech was super nice and said it was fine – I hope so since she spent the entire time telling me all about her divorce, her kids, her boyfriend and his ex and their kids.

On the plus side – I met a super nice prisoner and his guard while I was hanging out at the hospital.  Sad that he was all cuffed up since he seemed so nice!

Enough of my whining!!!  Here’s a cute picture of Hunter!!  HunterThe 6th grade orchestra has a field trip today to play at a retirement home here in town (and then lunch at the mall!) so he is all dressed up!!!  Isn’t he handsome?!

Happy Wednesday  – I’m supposed to sub a couple of hours of PE this afternoon (even though I can barely hobble around!!)  – Good Times!!


PS – Have you ever had to wear the prescription compression hose or stockings?  

Attitude Adjustment

Today’s 43 was really fun!  I wasn’t sure if it would be good or not but I liked it!

I laid on my back with a medicine ball.  The first set of 43 I used an 8 pound ball then I decided to do a second set of 43 with a 9 pound ball.  I started with the ball in both hands and my arms pulled down tight to my body then tossed the ball straight up (over my chest) with my arms fully extended.  I caught the ball (surprisingly!!!) and lowered all the way down before repeating.  I tried to keep a quick pace so that it would exhaust my arms/chest.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uinq69gFhPQ’]

Thanks to Hunter for doing the demo!  By the 3rd toss he was getting it in the right spot!!

So I spent the past couple of days being in a funk and wallowing in the fact that I can’t do the things I want to – run, jump, walk….

Yesterday I decided that I was being ridiculous and still in control over my happiness.  I’m just going to make the best of my current situation and look at this as an opportunity for my body to get some rest that otherwise would NEVER happen!!!  I’m going to look for creative ways to get in some conditioning while still following most of the Dr.’s rules!

Above all – I’m going to continue to enjoy my life and stop being a Negative Nancy!!!!

This afternoon I’m back in the classroom – 5th grade!!!

Tonight is one of Hunter’s orchestra concerts!!!  WooHoo!!

Happy Thursday!