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Fitness: in a Garage, in a Yard, in a Basement

Today I challenged myself with my 43.  (challenge for my current state anyway!!)

I used this little rubber tubing:Tubing

I stood on the tube with my feet a little wider than hip distance apart and the ends in each hand.  From that position, I did a Frankenstein walk – stiff leg walk forward for 3 steps and back for 3 steps along with alternating front raises = 1 rep.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H34MjDIKrj4′]

This 43 was hard for me after the past week – plus, I did a total of 129 front raises with each arm by the time I finished.  I can’t believe how weak I feel after just missing a week of working out!  Yikes – hopefully soon I will be back at it!!!

Check out my cool T-shirt:Kim - Griffin Fitness

Can you read it?  It saysKim - Griffin Fitness

My younger brother Sam (Griffin!!) and his wife Stacy started a gym in their garage (in west TX) and this is their logo on a T-shirt!

Sam built a cross-fit type gym and is quite the cross-fit stud!!

preparing to dead-lift massive weight!!
preparing to dead-lift massive weight!!

Last fall, Stacy started up a Backyard Bootcamp program.  It has grown a lot since then – I think she has about 4 -6 different classes now!!

Rockin' the Runner T!!!
Rockin’ the Runner T!!!

Look how super cute she is!!!

I love that they have turned their passion for fitness into a way to help others in their community get fit – all in their garage and backyard!!!

Just goes to show that fitness can be done anywhere!   (for me it is usually in my basement) It  just takes the desire to get it done!!

Happy Tuesday!


Camera Issues (might have to go shopping!)

So weird – this morning when I went downstairs to do my daily 43, Jordan recorded me and everything worked fine.  However, after I finished my work-out and came up to upload the video – NOTHING!!!  I can’t get the camera to turn on.  I plugged it in to computer – NOTHING! I plugged it in to wall to charge – STILL NOTHING!!!  Crazy! (and a bit frustrating!)

Today for my 43, I used my kettlebell again.

20# Kettle Ball
20# Kettle Bell

This time I kept all of the plates in it so it was the full 20 pounds.  I used it for kettlebell  swings.  (Last night I watched this video, so I will use it since I can’t get to mine!!!)

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJqPgV681Hg’]

I used the same form she did – just not as much weight!!!  Still, 43 with 20 pounds was no joke!!!  I was panting by the end!!!  This move worked so many different muscle groups – I should really incorporate more kettlebell into my work-outs!

I’m still keeping up with the 12 Days of Fitness.  Today (day 8) added bicep curls – I used 15 pound dumbbells for this move.

I felt pretty good after my run yesterday – I don’t have the sharp pain in my hip that I had for months!!!  I haven’t decided if I will give it the rest of the 8 weeks (4 more left) to heal or just start running again.  I might give it another week or two – I’m all about compromising!!!

I did Turbo Jam, Cardio Party 2 today.  Chalene really does make the work-out feel like a party!  I still kept it semi-low impact – I would rather be able to run sooner than later!!!

Today, is the last day before school starts back!  Jordan is in a bit of a funk – this hasn’t been his favorite year of school. :Worry:   I told him that tomorrow is a new start and we just have to be positive!!!  I hope the spring semester is better for him!!!

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 9.45.13 AMMaybe we should watch this movie today – there is a lot we can learn from Mary Poppins!!!

Happy Wednesday!