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“It’s a Bad Idea”

Today I did another combo move for the 43.  I did a single-leg dead lift with a reverse grip row.  This one took awhile because I like to do dead lifts at a slow, controlled pace and I had to do 2 sets of 43 to get both legs taken care of equally!!

Dead Lift
Dead Lift

You can see that I have a slight bend in my base leg – I would rather do that than end up rounding my back and hurting myself.

row (reverse grip)
row (reverse grip)

I liked this 43 – I prefer moves that work multiple muscle groups and this one got my hamstrings and back really well!!!

I did Day 3 of the 12 Days of Fitness – this is really a fun idea!

I also used Hunter’s new punching bag again today.

check out the sweet pink boxing gloves
check out the sweet pink boxing gloves

I love this thing!!!  I did a solid 22 minutes on the punching bag – 3 sets of 50 single arm jabs (each side) and 500 alternating punches  plus a set of 100 single arm jabs (each side) and then 1000 alternating punches.  Then I did about 3 minutes with the speed bag – I need to work on my timing  for sure!!

I’m hoping that all of the punching will increase my shoulder strength – plus it has to be good for my core!!!  :Delighted:

My original plan for today was to hop on the elliptical.  I sort-of really hate that machine but I decided it would be a good cardio alternative while I can’t run.  I said something about it last night to Chris and he was adamantly against it.  He thinks that I’m going to have to be out of running even longer than 8 weeks because of my complete disregard of the Doc’s rules.  He feels the need to keep reminding me that it’s not just about not running – I’m supposed to be completely non-weight bearing (crutches).  Blah, blah, blah…….I know he’s right but I’m still not going to quit all working out!!!  I figured nixing the elliptical was a good compromise!

I think I mentioned before that Hunter is very good at solving this little puzzle:Rubik Cube

Well, yesterday afternoon he got a new challenge handed to him.

4 x 4 cubeRubik Revenge
4 x 4 cube
Rubik Revenge

By the time he went to bed last night he had pretty much figured out how to solve it – he just needed to perfect the technique and “get quicker”.

Rubik Cube Master!!!
Rubik Cube Master!!!

Here he is this morning with both of them solved (although he is still trying to decide on the “best” method for the 4 x 4).  Genius!!!

Rubik Cube Faker!!!
Rubik Cube Faker!!!

Jordan doesn’t have any interest in trying to solve it.  He just waits for Hunter to solve it and then acts like he did it!!! Then, he messes it up again!!!  Silly!

Happy Fun Friday!!!


Crutches Suck Mud!!

Today’s 43 was HARD!!!  Yippee!!!  I’m going to really have to make sure that the daily 43 is super challenging since it is my main work-out for awhile.

I sat on a stability ball (see followed Dr.’s orders!!) and used this kettle ball:

20# Kettle Ball

(The great thing about this particular kettle ball is that it is adjustable from 5 to 20 pounds.  Each of the 5 plates are 3 pounds and you can remove any or all of them.  Handy since it takes up less space than having multiple sizes!!)

I took out 2 of the plates so I was working with 14 pounds.  I held the kettle ball in my right hand and curled it up to shoulder height then rotated my wrist and pushed it straight up.  I reversed the motion to complete the rep.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97bOZz3FEtI’]

The curl part wasn’t   bad but the shoulder press….rough!!  I had to stretch my shoulders out a couple of times before I reached the goal.  This was one of those exercises that I did 43 with my right arm and then 43 with my left.  Sadly, my left arm is going to be lopsided because I got to #30 and had to take out another 3 pound plate in order to finish with good form.  I figured form was more important than 100% symmetry anyway!!!

I decided that in order to do some sort of work-out without being weight bearing I could use one of my old stand-by DVDs.  It is from Crunch Fitness and called Pick Your Spot Pilates.  I did all 3 of the sections – belly, butt, thighs.  They are 10 minutes each so nothing major but better than nothing at all!!!

So, the crutches aren’t really working out for me.  I can’t get anything done and I’m afraid that I’m going to end up with another injury because of them!  I am just going to limit my activity (walking included) as much as possible for the next few weeks and hope for the best!  (Plus, it just seems weird to be using crutches when I’m perfectly capable of walking even if I do have a little limp.)

Happy Wednesday!!!


Good News – Bad News

I did another 43 today – I know – Big Shock!!  Today I brought out one of my favorite pieces of equipment:


For the 43 I did an opposite arm and leg extension with a 5 second hold while balancing on the BOSU.

Balance and Hold
Get that leg higher!!

I counted a right arm/left leg and a left arm/right leg as 1 rep.  The 5 second hold added a bit of difficulty!!!  43 success!

Yesterday was one of those days that I would rather not repeat!!!

Good News:  I finally met with the specialist (Doctor #3 now) about my hip yesterday morning.  I do NOT have a tumor in my hip like my orthopedic surgeon (Doctor #2) told me I might the last time I saw him (6.5 long weeks ago)!!!

Bad News:  I definitely have a stress fracture (and have had it for close to 4 months now – making it worse every day). I have to be on crutches (no weight at all on my hip) for 8 weeks!!!  Ummm…What?!  Not really possible.

I tried to negotiate with the Doc:

Let’s Talk About This a Little More!
  • Me:  I ran this morning – why do I need to be on crutches? (I’m used to limping these days.)
  • Doc:  You have continued to do extra damage to that hip and if you don’t stop it will crack all the way through which means surgery and possibly never running again.
  • Me:  I won’t run but no crutches.
  • Doc: Surgery and possibly never running again.
  • Me:  I won’t run, I’ll use the crutches some, but I can still do other work-outs.
  • Doc:  Surgery and possibly never running again.
  • Me:  Hmmm…well, some work-outs (even if I have to modify).
  • Doc:  You have to be completely non-weight bearing for the next 8 weeks and hopefully then you can avoid surgery and be able to run again.

So, after being awake half the night thinking about what to do and doing a little on-line research this morning around 3 am, here I am:

Epitome of suckiness!!!

I’m going to try and follow the rules (except on the stairs – cause I’m pretty sure that me with crutches on the stairs would be dangerous!!) but I’m still going to try to work-out some.  Cardio is pretty much out (I don’t swim for exercise!!!).

I’m still planning to do a 43 every day – they just might be sort-of lame some days!!  Lots of upper body and core work!

Happy Tuesday! (I hope it is a better day than Monday was!)