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Saturday Morning Sights

Today I did a fun 43.  This one worked my core and hip flexors!!!  Lots of steps go into each rep so bullets today:

  • Right front kick
  • standing crunch (little tuck)
  • right side kick
  • standing crunch
  • right back kick
  • standing crunch
  • left front kick
  • standing crunch
  • left side kick
  • standing crunch
  • left back kick
  • jack feet (jump out and in)

See the pattern?  So the above is 1 rep and I did 43 – it went faster than you might think!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFIg2xM76EY’]

I just kept my hands in the “on guard” position while I did this – you could do whatever you like with your hands!!!

Today was the 1 and only rest day in the 30 day Insanity Asylum program and I decided to take advantage of it!!!  I thought about trying to push myself to go outside and run but instead spent some time with my family.

We went downtown this morning to the Farmer’s Market!

A few of the sights in Topeka today:MotorcycleSome type of motorcycle ralley – lots of bikes lined up ready to go.  Sort of cool to see so many in one place.

State CapitalThe Kansas State Capital – always some kind of work being done on it!!!  Can you see the figure on the top?  I think it is a Native American shooting an arrow.

Farmer's MarketOne of the rows at the Farmer’s Market – a little disappointing today since there was very little in the way of produce (or anything other than crafts)!  Oh, well – still fun to walk around.Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 10.50.00 AMOur only purchase of the day – fresh blueberry pie (this was Chris & Hunter’s choice!).

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 10.30.08 AMApparently there is a carnival in town this weekend!! Who knew?!  Might have to go check it out later today!

BirdAnd, look at this bird.  It was just roosting on the gutter drain on our front porch.  I opened the door, took the picture and closed the door and the bird never flew away.  Jordan and I thought it was sick or hurt but after a few minutes she finally flew away.  Kind of weird – I think that’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to a bird!

What are some of your Saturday morning sights?

Happy Saturday!!