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Grey Skies Mean Indoor Fun (or is it Gray???)

Today’s 43 was about control and holding a contraction (for a long time!!).  I focused on my thighs (plie) and biceps with this move!

Start in plie with arms in front of you and bent at 90 (like you are doing a bicep curl but stopped at waist level) – rotate arms out to sides, really squeezing all the way back into your shoulder blades – while holding arms at sides, slowly stand (squeeze your thighs and butt) then lower back to plie – rotate arms back to front = 1 rep.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJF9843yg0I’]

I used 8 pound dumbbells today and they were almost too heavy by the time I reached 43  so I think it was a great choice – muscle fatigue for sure!!!

Today was day 2 of Insanity Asylum – it is going to totally kick my butt this month!!!  When you get the program, it comes with a few “toys” that you use for the workouts.  This little agility ladder is useful for so many forms of torture work!

who knew you could do so much with this?
who knew you could do so much with this?

Today I did Speed and Agility – hopefully I get more of both as I go through the program!!  This was 45 intense minutes!!  By the end I was sweating so much that when we did the final stretches (at one point we did downward dog) I had sweat running into my nose – aren’t you glad to know that?!

So far (2 days in), some of the moves that we have done in this program are brutal!!!  Lots of new ideas for some daily 43s!!!!

Yesterday morning when I got up, it was “night-time” dark!!!  Not because I got up super early but because of the storms!!FloodingAbout 11:00, it slowed down and I took some pictures of the flooding in our yard and the rushing water in the lake!!  The rest of the week looks like we could have more of the same weather – storms, storms and more storms!!!

Guess the boys and I will have to set up an indoor game tournament – I know they will be so excited!!!  (or not – 12 & 14 year old boys – hard to say!)

And, something that always confuses me – How do you spell the color that is made from mixing black and white?  Is it grey?  Or is it gray?

Happy Tuesday!!!