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A Great Start to 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.23.34 PM2015 is off to a great start!!!  I can’t wait to see  all the fun things that are coming this year!

Nothing spectacular has happened but  life really is good – this year I’m making an effort to see the positive instead of focusing on the negatives.

*  Instead of hating the extreme cold, I’m happy that my truck has a heated steering wheel – best invention ever!!!  Normally my fingers hurt anytime I’m driving around (thanks Reynauds) but not anymore!!!

*  I got a new phone this week – for FREE!!!  I love the new AT&T program!!!  Now I can see my phone without squinting since I bumped up to the iPhone 6 plus (from the iPhone 5)!!!Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.30.22 PM

*  I haven’t been working out this week (fighting a super sore throat/respiratory thing) which is not the way I normally start January but I have enjoyed the extra time to do other things in the mornings!!!

*  I ordered a magnet for my truck – Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.33.58 PMHaving the magnet on the back of my truck has made me a kinder driver.  I haven’t honked at anyone this entire year (usually I honk on most outings – lots of idiot drivers here!!).

*  Jordan wanted to change his look this year (he asked for new clothes for Christmas so he and I went shopping together – so much fun!!) – Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.36.41 PMHe has been wearing pants and nice shirts every day to school and looks so dang cute!!!  (just a year ago he wore white Nike shorts and a plain T-shirt every single day!)

How has the first week of 2015 been good for you?

Happy Friday!!


Merry Christmas, Y’all!

Merry Christmas!  Since the boys are older and at least one of them (Hunter) likes to sleep in, I had time to do my 43 before we did our stockings this morning!

Today I used one of Hunter’s new Christmas gifts for my 43.

check out the sweet pink boxing gloves
check out the sweet pink boxing gloves

Hunter wanted a punching bag/speed bag combo unit (and, I’m really glad he got it!!!!).

For the 43 I did a combo move:

  • 5 right jabs
  • left-right punch x 5

I did 43 of the above combo and then switched my stance and did 43 of the combo starting with left jabs.  Worked up a sweat for sure!!!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOPvl3XTSKY’]

Check out the awesome shirt designed by this phenomenal running artist (just don’t check out the holiday belly underneath!).

Yesterday we had so much fun as a family.  I think everyone was happy with their gifts – always a good thing.  Here are some of the favorites:

Look out!!!Ruger of some sort
Look out!!!
Ruger of some sort
an iPhone 4S!!!
an iPhone 4S!!!
Apple TV x 2! (actually 3)These were requested - something about putting movies directly on the TV?
Apple TV x 2! (actually 3)
These were requested – something about putting movies directly on the TV?
Rocking new outfit!!!
Rocking new outfit!!! (obviously mine – I just skipped out on being in the picture)

(Check out this site if you are need your own sweet outfit.)

Lots of fun as a family.  I love it!!!

Another of our Christmas traditions is to do Raclette on Christmas Eve for dinner.  (I think true Raclette involves way more cheese than anything else.) Some great friends of ours introduced this fun way to cook dinner to us several years ago.  We always make it a competition to see who makes the best of each meat – steak, chicken, shrimp.  The set-up looks like this:

Set-up for Raclette
Set-up for Raclette  – sauces & spices to flavor your meats
Getting ready to cook!
Getting ready to cook!

It really is a lot of fun.  Last night, Jordan won for best chicken, Chris for steak and Hunter for shrimp.  Hunter was also the all-around winner!!! (notice who didn’t win anything??)

I love that no matter how old (and big!) the boys get, we still do milk and cookies for Santa!

cookies for Santa
cookies for Santa
pouring the milk
pouring the milk

Jordan even wrote a note for Santa:

note from a 14 year old
note from a 14 year old

This morning we did our stocking, stuffed ourselves with reindeer bread and now everyone is checking out all of their new stuff!!!  Later we will play some games with a friend who will join us for the afternoon and evening.  Chris will make a turkey for us in his new indoor turkey fryer.  (the very best way to have a turkey!!)

Best turkeys ever are fried!!!
Best turkeys ever are fried!!!

I decided to keep the meal fairly simple this year but I did make 2 tasty desserts – a cherry trifle and a candy bar brownie trifle.

Diet?  No!!!
Diet? No!!!
Low cal?  Ummm...
Low cal? Ummm…

I’m hoping that this awesome new machine gets broken in VERY soon!!!

Party Machine!!!!
Party Machine!!!!

Now, enough writing about our Christmas – I’m off to enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!!!