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One Kind Act Is Worth More than 100 Acts Done out of Resentment

Last night I asked Hunter for some suggestions for today’s 44.  He came up with one and it was rough!!!  I’m not really sure what to call it – HARD?  

The move consists of a jump in the air – roll (fall, whatever) back – crunch – pop up (hardest part for me!) – jump – repeat x 44!!!

I asked Hunter if he would do the demo and he agreed even though he had already taken a shower (so sweet!).

I decided to get in another run today.  Since I ran nice and easy yesterday, I bumped it up today.
1.5% incline – 5 miles in 30:52  (then some easy miles!)

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 8.58.52 AM


The other night at dinner I told Chris and the boys that I was going to try to make kindness a bigger part of my daily life.  

I decided that for the month of January (and hopefully longer), I would try to make a purposeful effort to do something kind each day.

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 9.02.10 AMI know it’s only been a few days but in that short time I’ve discovered something – the act of kindness is all about the attitude! 

Yesterday’s act of kindness was something that I would have done anyway but by changing my attitude and wanting to do something kind I actually enjoyed it so much more than if I had just done it and felt resentful for having to do it at all!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 9.05.57 AMI think that I’m going to enjoy being more purposeful about seeking out ways to be kind and I can already tell that this is one of those things that is going to make my life that much happier!!!

There are many times that I do things but resent it the entire time  – my hope is that by choosing to look at some of these things as an act of kindness the resentment will fade and it will become more natural for me to look for ways to be kind!!!

I think that in the big picture I am the one who will benefit the most from choice to try and perform more acts of kindness!!!

Happy Saturday!!!  




Trying to Keep it Classy

Today’s 44 was just a hodge-podge of moves combined to make a challenging 44!!  I used my agility ladder – 

I forget about this when I'm not using it everyday!
I forget about this when I’m not using it everyday!

I jumped back to a plank with my feet in the middle 2 rungs – jacked my feet out to the outside rungs then back in to the middle – jumped into a squat (sort of squat and not sure why I kept checking my butt out) and repeated!

This move worked my entire body and got my heart rate way up – perfect 44!!!

On tap with Insanity the Asylum vol. 2 today – Back and 6-Pack (I hope it works!!).  This workout was only 40 minutes and, like the name implies, full of moves for the back and abs – complete core work today!!!  The funny (not in a HaHa kind of way!) thing is we did moves similar to the one I used for my 44 just without the ladder – good times!!

We all know that I’m not elegant at all!!!  

prime example of the opposite of elegance
prime example of the opposite of elegance

And, I already showed you my house which is festive but will never be elegant (just very lived in!!).

But – over at the Governor’s Row House (our event venue) I have been working on putting up some Christmas decorations and trying to keep it simple and classy.  It’s a huge learning curve!!!

The previous owner had a few things in the basement and then I’ve added quite a few more – not sure how classy it is but it’s starting to look Christmasy!!!

front room - mantel
front room – mantel

I just put some small ornaments in glass jars to add color on the mantel.  And, I found an old tree that had some colored lights – I added a few clear to fill in the gaps – for the front window.

not sure why this is so dark?
not sure why this is so dark?

The staircase is pretty by itself but I wound some garland around the rail and put a few splashes of red along the way.


In the front hall I removed a couple of chairs and put a couple of cute little lighted trees.

front hall
front hall

There is another fireplace in the room with the bar –

no red here with the wall color

The ball room is fun – I put up 2 unique trees  I found downstairs, added a couple of tree skirts and am in the process of hanging lights around the top of the room.

only corner of the ball room that is complete
only corner of the ball room that is complete

So, hopefully even though I don’t do elegant, it is festive without being tacky!!!

Now, I’m off to climb up and down a ladder a couple hundred times to finish lighting the ball room and then I have to clean the place to get ready for tomorrow night’s event!!

Happy Thursday!