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500 Days of Activity!!!

Today’s 44 was a challenge!!!  I did a back lunge – front kick – back lunge (all right leg) – jump lunge to switch sides and then repeated the moves on the left side for 1 rep.  Between all 3 moves (lunges, kicks and jumps) I was definitely breathing hard!!!

I liked this move but 44 reps was a lot!!!  Sometimes I don’t think these things through very well!!  Oh, well – it’s good for me!

It was also a run day – 1.5% incline 7 miles (51:04) + an easy cool down mile.  

I probably won’t run again until Friday – big run on tap!!  I’m doing a virtual race as part of Kristen’s (Stuft Mama) STUFT Challenge for Run Sixty Feet.  Kristen is raising money for Run Sixty Feet with her run on Friday (she’s running 37 miles since it is her 37th birthday – what a great way to celebrate a birthday!!).  I’m planning to do the same (37 miles) on Friday in support of both Kristen and the cause (Run Sixty Feet).

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.56.35 AMToday is my 500th day of daily moves  – 365 days of 43s and 135 days of 44s!!!

I started this adventure on September 16, 2012 when I turned 43 with a goal of doing some form of activity every single day.  Using my age is a great (although sometimes not so great) way to have a set goal for each move.  

After a year of Daily 43s I enjoyed it so much that I decided to continue with Daily 44s.

There are occasionally days that I’m not as motivated to do 44 reps of anything (so I usually pick something fairly easy and just get it done) but most days I love the challenge of doing something 44 times!!!

I plan to continue the rest of this year and when September rolls around again I will decide if a year of Daily 45s is on tap or if it is time to do something else.  Who knows?!  I might still be doing Daily _____  when I’m 75!!!!  

Oh, and I guess this is also my 500th day in a row to write a blog post since that is sort-of part of my goal, too!!!  At some point I might switch to weekly updates on the daily moves but for now I enjoy posting everyday so I’m just going to keep going!!!

Do you have any Daily Streaks?

Happy Tuesday!!



Sibling Love

Today’s 43 is compliments of Hunter.  I gave the boys free reign to come up with a move and make the video and told them I would get it done!  Hunter came up with this whooper of a move.  (Chris said Hunter wanted to add more but thankfully, Chris saved me.  Hunter said, “she can do it – she did 4300 jumping jacks!”)  I think maybe deep down he is proud of me!!!

Anyway, the move is called “the Cube” – I’m not sure why except for the fact that Hunter performed it with his Rubik cube in place.  

  • jump back to plank
  • push-up
  • 20x mountain climbers
  • push-up
  • jump back in
  • jump

The above is 1 rep – 43 of these was no joke!!!  I struggled to finish all 43 today (maybe because it was 860 mountain climbers and 86 push-ups plus all the jumping!!!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGpxsQS8-Hw’]

Thanks, Hunter!!

After the killer “Cube”, I did some Turbo Fire.  I did Lower 20 – which is 20 minutes of lower body work using this “cute” band and will leave your legs and hips shaking!!!

Innocent - I think not!
Innocent – I think not!

Then I did Upper 20 (20 minutes of upper body work – including more push-ups!) using this band:

Turbo Fire Band
Turbo Fire Band

A great workout to start my day!!!

So, I spent the bulk of yesterday hanging out at the hospital.  My dad was in the ICU until about 5:45 or 6:00 in the  evening when they finally moved him into a private room.  At least then he could sit in a chair for a few minutes.  He looked pretty good – he said he wasn’t in pain just really uncomfortable.


One nice thing about my impromptu trip is seeing all of my siblings.  The last time all 4 of us were all together was over 2 years ago!!!  My younger brother drove in from Levelland and my sister came from Sherman so by mid afternoon we were all together!!  I always enjoy catching up with my siblings (in person).

Tim (twin) & me Aunt Jackie & me Mandi & me Sam & me
Tim (twin) & me
Aunt Jackie & me
Mandi & me
Sam & me

And, while I was hanging out with my brothers, sister, aunt and dad here in Texas, Chris was busy at home!!

Hunter had 4 friends over 4 a sleep-over last night for his birthday.  That means a total of 6 boys (counting my 2) + Chris!!!  For weeks I had been planning to make a special cake for the event.  However, it’s hard to make a cake when you aren’t there!

Chris and Jordan to the rescue:

some of the steps involved
some of the steps involved

Can you tell what the cake is?  Didn’t they do an awesome job?!

Pretty sure Hunter was happy!

Surprise = success!
Surprise = success!

Hunter knew that I had a cake planned but he didn’t know what it was going to be – I think the choice was pretty appropriate for him!!!

And….Look – a close match for my “happy place” –

view from waiting room window
view from waiting room window

OK – it’s not really a beach – but it is a lake that I could see from the window in the waiting room!!!  Close enough for now!!

Happy Saturday!


PS – I will announce the winner of the I AM FEARLESS necklace tomorrow!!!