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So Many Workouts, So Little Time

Today for my 43, I did a side lunge and a knee lift with the opposite leg.  

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoRINZNPczY’]

The nice thing with this move was that it required a bit of mental work, too – I had to think about each part of the move as I did it otherwise I leaned the wrong way or lifted the wrong part!!  Plus, the knee lift was a small bonus for my core and hip flexors!!

I did all 43 to the right side first (with a left knee lift) and then switched and did 43 lunges to the left with a right knee lift.

Today I did another round of Les Mills Body Pump – Pump and Shred.  This workout is 45 minutes of lifting including a squat track (about 5:30), a chest track (5:00), back track with dead lifts and clean & press (5:15), lunge track with more squatting (5:00), shoulder track (4:45) and core work (4:00).  One of my favorite parts of the Body Pump workouts is the final stretch – they always include at least 5 minutes of stretching and after all of the lifting it is a treat (even for someone, like me, who doesn’t really like to spend time stretching!!). I am enjoying these workouts so far, as they get me in the mood to stay in shape and actually stick to it. Plus, with the awesome inner chest workout that I am currently doing, I have a feeling that I may be seeing positive results sooner than I think. It’s all about being consistent with it.

One of the many things that I love about reading other blogs is the AMAZING workouts that so many bloggers share.  My Pinterest workout board is getting bigger and bigger!!Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 9.28.16 AM

412 pins – of those, I’ve probably only done about 30.  I’ve pulled some ideas out of different ones for my daily 43 and even for my boot camp but there are still LOTS of great workouts that I want to try.

workout DVDs
workout DVDs

Plus, I have a few workout DVDs to choose from.  I’ve done all of them at least once but still want to do them again (and again!!!).   I have a nice variety of really intense workouts (Insanity, P90X, Body Pump), Pilates and Yoga, shorter workouts (lots of the 10-minute option DVDs where you can do from 1-5 of the sections), Tae-Bo (love!!), The Firm, some Denise Austin (old school!!), Biggest Loser workouts, Jillian Michaels, Cathe Frederick…..

This summer I have been creating a lot of my own workouts for my Boot Camp classes.  I come up with 3 new classes a week so that takes time to figure  them out, practice them and then teach the 6 classes (and I do the workouts every time!!).

And, then there is my top favorite option – RUNNING!!!  I don’t run as often as I used to because I’ve found that when I run too much I end up injured (usually with a stress fracture – I’ve had 6 or 7 in the last 10 years) but I still love running!

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 9.44.05 AM

So, while I have MANY options every day, I don’t have enough time for all the workouts I want to do!!!  Sometimes even when I really want to do a workout or challenge, I have to realize that time is still a limited resource and I can’t do it all!!!  

One of the workouts that I really wanted to do and just couldn’t make it work with my current schedule of running, boot camp, lifting and, at the time the program started, I was finishing Insanity Asylum – is Tina’s  Best Body Bootcamp program.  I signed up (paid and everything!!) for this round (I even have the badge on my sidebar!) Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 9.53.59 AM but when it was time to start I realized that I couldn’t add it in and give it 100% with the other workouts that I have going now.

It was really hard for me to let myself off the hook and know that it was OK to save it for another time but I know that was the smart choice!!!

What is the thing you wish you had more time for?

Mine is obviously fitness/working out but I know that it is not just about time but about physical energy which is also not limitless!!!

Happy Saturday!!!


Some Friday Fun

Today’s 43 is a move from Les Mills Body Pump.  I did the Mac Raise.  This is a shoulder move and we all know that my shoulder’s are my weakest area!!

To do the move you can use dumbbells or  plates like these:Body Pump Weights

I used my 5 pound plates for the move today.  The mac raise involves both arms at the same time:  1 arm does a front raise while the other is doing a lateral raise.Mac Raise

side view
side view

From here, slowly lower the weights and switch directions with arms:Mac Raise(look a smile instead of a scowl!!)  I counted a right front raise and a left as 1 rep which means to complete my 43 each arm did 86 raises!!

So, it has been 9 days since my surgery and I’m still not at a place where I can workout.  Here are a few pictures from this morning (nothing gross – just major bruises):Surgery Legs day 9I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but my right calf is still very swollen (and hard) making it painful to put any weight on it.Surgery Legs day 9My left ankle is still really bruised and swollen – this actually  happened after my 24 hours of torture in the compression stockings!Surgery Legs day 9My right thigh is still very bruised and sore (I didn’t show the worst part on the backside).

My Dr was very mis-leading pre-surgery about the recovery.  I’ve done a little research (thank you Google!!) and other people have had the same experience with their doctors telling them one thing about this surgery and then having a completely different experience.  Oh, well – it’s temporary, right?!

So, yesterday in an effort to get out of my little funk, I hit up You-Tube for some laughs.  I thought I would share a few of the entertaining clips I watched:

Ever had a run like this?

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7d77kFLr7U’]

Sometimes you just have to laugh!!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP4abiHdQpc’]

Who knew that treadmills could be so hard to control?

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNPhVVjnoC0′]

Happy  Fun Friday!!