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Are You Living Your Passion?

Saturday morning I had a video conference as part of the workshop that I’m taking with Tara (Family Sport Life).  One of my main focuses during this 6 week workshop has been our business.


From previous discussions, Tara already knew that I wanted to grow our business but not at the expense of giving up any family time.  Saturday Tara asked me if my plan was to do as much as possible with the business now and then really put all of my time and energy into it in a few years when both boys are out of high school and no longer living at home.

Her eyes almost popped out of her head when I said “NO!!”  After the boys are done with school and Chris is retired (less than 6 years for all of this!!) we will move – TO A BEACH!!!

I need this view all day every day!
I need this view all day every day!

I think this was one of those lightbulb moments!  The whole reason that I’m struggling so much to do the things on my list every day/week is because it is NOT my passion.

We own a business –

the day we closed
the day we closed

so I feel like I need to make it the best event venue possible.

However, it is pretty obvious that I’m not living my passion and that is the reason I’m struggling so much with everything from being motivated to being positive and enjoying all parts of my life.

The real problem is I don’t even know what my passion is anymore.

16 years ago I quit working (teaching and coaching) to stay home with my first baby.  I spent 9 years as a stay-home mom and feel fortunate that I had the opportunity but somewhere along the way I lost part of me.

sweaty - sign of a good run
sweaty – sign of a good run

I’ve always had my running and working out but I don’t know if that counts as living my passion.

The number one thing we have always told our boys when they start talking about what they want to do with their lives is that they should do something they love and be happy!!!

Chris knew when he was in high school that he wanted to be a pilot.  He figured out a way to make that happen and has always loved what he does!!!DSCN0408I hope that one day my boys feel the exact same way about whatever they end up doing!!!

Do you know what your passion is?
Are you living it every day?

I need to figure out what my passion is make sure I live it every day!!!

Happy Monday!