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Not My Favorite

When the boys were little I didn’t want them saying “I don’t like that” about food I had taken the time to make.  So we started saying, “It’s not my favorite” if we didn’t really care for something.

So, today I’m sharing some things that Aren’t My Favorite!!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 8.22.01 PM

Green Peas – I didn’t even feed peas to my boys when they were babies because I can’t stand the smell of them!!!  When we have Chinese food I actually pick the peas out of my fried rice.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 8.24.49 PM

Snow – I know a lot of people see snow and think it’s so pretty.  I see it and just think COLD!!!  There is really nothing about snow that I enjoy!!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 8.27.30 PM

Slow/Idiot Drivers – I get that not everyone likes to drive fast (weird but….).  However, people who drive  under the speed limit drive me crazy!!  And, if that person turns out right in front of me and then pokes along – I get cranky!!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 8.31.01 PM

Action Movies – I just can’t get into them!!  I like happy feel good movies or none at all!  Any sports movie based on a true story is great!!  Chick Flicks?  Love them!

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Running Injuries – Any runner or athlete will tell you that being injured is the worst!!!  Thankfully I’m not injured right now but I know several people who are and I know it sucks for them!!!

What are some things that “aren’t your favorite?”
Does it bug you when you make dinner (or any meal) and someone says, “I don’t like this.”?

Happy Friday!!!



The other day Deb at Deb Runs tagged me to do a Random Fact Post – 10 Random Facts.   I asked for some input from Chris and the boys for my random facts because I sort of feel like I’ve shared a lot – they just sort of rolled their eyes – RUDE!!!

So, here are some random facts that you might not know about me.

1.  Even though most of the pictures I post on here are me in workout clothes, I actually wear “real” clothes most days, too.

a summer day
a summer day

2.  When I was growing up, my mom used to make me wear dresses/skirts only (no pants, jeans or shorts) – I hated it.  Now in the summer I prefer dresses!!!

3.  I refuse to buy green peas – even when the boys where babies it was one of the few baby foods they never had.  I hate everything about peas – the color, the smell, the texture and the taste!!!

4.  I don’t believe in throwing up!!!

5.  I am a minimalist with make-up – a little mascara and some lipstick and I’m set!!

6.  In college, I had long hair (which I kept spiraled permed) and I always pulled it back into a ponytail with a large bow.  In fact, I usually got special bows for big races (like Nationals)!!!

can you tell which one is me?
can you tell which one is me?

7.  After grad school I coached cross country and track at the same university I graduated from for 2 years.

8.  When I was about 24, I went on a college ski trip (it was one of the years I was coaching) and right before the trip one of the girls on the track team gave me hair extensions (it took about 8-9 hours).

I loved having extensions even though they only lasted a couple weeks
I loved having extensions even though they only lasted a couple weeks

9.  I love my boys with every fiber of my being but my 2 favorite men will always be these 2 –

Chris and my grandpa
Chris and my grandpa

10.  My boys think that I ask them if they are OK way too often.

What is a random fact about you?

Happy Monday!!