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Time to Make a Few Changes

Today I used one of my small wobble balls for the 44.  I balanced on it – 

lifting up so you can see it
lifting up so you can see it

Just sitting on this was a bit of a challenge!!  While staying balanced on it, I did double leg raises.

lift & hold

You can’t even tell that the wobble ball is under me in the pictures but it is and I promise it adds to the challenge!!!

Today was a run day!!!  8 miles in 63:12 with 1.5% incline
I’m planning to run again tomorrow – rare for me to run back to back but I’m thinking it will be OK!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 6.58.13 AMSo, I know I won’t ever be perfect but I do need to make a few changes.  

I think I’ve talked before about the fact that we try to eat healthy most of the time but I love chips, Cheetos and several other empty calorie items.  And, I know I haven’t made any secret about the fact that I love my evening cocktail!!!


But lately, I feel like my appetite has been out of control.  Last night within 30 minutes of dinner (where I ate more than enough!) I was starving!!

I think that I need to play around with the amount of protein I get because I’m not sure that I always take in enough.  I know that over the weekend I had minimal protein which might explain how hungry I was yesterday.

I can also tell that I have put on a little weight around my middle and I want to get rid of that – 

after run
after run

Sort of hard to see clearly from this angle but trust me, it’s there.  

So, nothing major but I figure I need to make a few changes now and see if it helps.  I realize that each year I will have to work a little harder to maintain the shape I want and there are always things that I’m not willing to give up completely (potato chips & WINE!) but I can scale back on some of the things that I love and try some new things.

Do you ever feel the need to make some small changes in your eating to maintain the size/shape you want to be?

Happy Tuesday!!


BTW  – this is just me being real about myself.  I’m not comparing myself or size to anyone because what works for some isn’t necessarily right for me.  I just know what makes me feel my best and I want to try to stay at that point.

Lesson Learned

My 43 today was hard (for me) because it was all shoulders.  I used one of my bands

Turbo Fire Band
Turbo Fire Band

and combined 3 moves:  Alternating front raise, alternating lateral raises and a curl with a shoulder press.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6D4mp5wdAo’]

43 sets of that move left my shoulders burning for sure!

After I finished that torture move, I did a Les Mills Combat DVD – Combat 60 Ultimate Cardio Fighter.  Rachel & Dan (they lead the Combat series) say this is the hardest workout in the set – I don’t think it is but it’s a great one!!!

This morning I will finish my journey home.  I can’t wait to get home and see the boys this afternoon.  I was happy to see Chris last night but I will be happier when we are all back home together again!  It was hard to watch all the coverage about Boston yesterday and know that some families will not be reunited because of such a senseless event!  (I had to quit watching and watch some mindless reality TV – Dancing with the Stars.)

Sunday and Monday I really dragged through my workouts – to the point where I thought about not finishing.  Then yesterday evening by the time I got to Wichita & saw Chris (about 5:00) I was dizzy and shaky and felt like crap.  Lesson learned:  Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 9.00.20 AMPopcorn for dinner does not provide enough fuel for a good workout.  I need protein!!Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 9.01.39 AM

I already knew that for me, the most important meal I eat is usually dinner but I haven’t been eating dinner every night since I left home – STUPID!!!  And yesterday, in addition to skipping dinner,  I only had a snack while I was driving so I nearly paid a price for my stupidity.  Fortunately, a little food (with carbs & protein) and some rest and I was pretty much back to normal.

Just 2 more hours in the car today and I will be home – I can’t wait!!!