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Hunter – You’re so Smart!

Today I was happy to take Hunter’s advice about my 43!  I did a sit-up with a stability ball pass from arms to legs and back to arms to make a complete rep.  I was going to use an 8 pound medicine ball and after a couple of dangerous attempts, Hunter said he wouldn’t take any pictures if I used the medicine ball!  REALLY GOOD CHOICE!!!! Thank you, Hunter!!

The 43 was plenty challenging using a stability ball!  I started with my arms and legs fully extended and the stability ball in my hands:

Arms extended
arms and legs extended

I did a full sit-up and passed the ball to my legs:

Legs & arms fully extended
legs & arms fully extended

Then I did another full sit-up and passed the ball back to my arms and into extension again.

Pass from arms to legs
ball pass

2 passes (2 sit-ups) = 1 rep so really 86 total sit-ups – No wonder it was a hard 43!  And, Hunter saved me from any death injury!!

Yesterday I got to spend quality time with Hunter at school.  The 6th graders have study hall at the end of the day and yesterday, because they had taken tests in a couple of classes, no one had any homework.  I let them have free time with their electronics and other equally “educational” items.

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 8.24.19 AM Hunter pulled out his Rubik cube and the entire class was very impressed!!  (He can solve it fairly quickly!!)  One of the other boys said, “Hunter is smart.  I bet he is really in high school.”  Another student said, “He’s probably already out of high school!!!”  It was funny!!! (and made my mommy heart proud!!!!)

Today is a shopping day!!!!  I can’t wait!  Chris and I are going to finish up our Christmas shopping!!!  I’m sure I am far more excited about this than Chris – but I do have a plan so it’s not like we are just doing random shopping for me!!!

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 8.23.08 AM


Yep – that’s pretty much how we look when we shop!

Have a great Fun Friday!!!