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2014: New Year with New Opportunities

Today I did a crunch with a punch for my 44.  A pretty basic move but clasping my hands and punching between my legs forced me to come up higher on the crunch part.


This was a fairly simple move but I always need to work my core!!

(Yes, we still have up our Christmas trees – we always leave them up through New Year’s!!!  I will undecorate this weekend.)

I’m fixing to head down and hop on my treadmill for a nice easy run to kick off the new year.  This has been a tradition of mine for years – even last year when I had a stress fracture in my hip I broke the no-running rule and ran on January 1!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 9.17.45 AM


I don’t do New Year’s resolutions – they don’t work for me.  

However, I do have a list of things that I want to try in the new year.  This list will probably grow as the year goes on but a few of the things include:

1.  Quinoa – I have seen so many tasty looking recipes for this that I am finally going to try it!!!

2.  Spaghetti Squash – This is something else that I have never had (don’t be shocked!) and plan to try out this year.

3.  FitBit – I had a special offer savings at Best Buy and a couple of gift cards so I ended up getting a FitBit Force  this week for $2.44 (can’t beat that!!).  I’m going to try tracking my daily activity and sleep patterns.  In the past 2 days I have already seen how inactive I am – gonna work on that.

4.  Reconnecting – This past fall I have done a horrible job staying in touch with many of my friends and I am going to make more effort this year to stay connected!

5.  Experimenting – I love making new recipes but they are often just a variation of something I already make.  This year I want to be more adventurous in the kitchen.  One year I tried cooking from other countries and I’m going to bring that back!!!

6.  Growing our Business  – I’ve had 4 months now to get my feet wet as a business owner.  Now I think I’m ready to try to expand the business.

7.  Living every day to the fullest!!!  Above all, I want this year to be enjoyed.  I want to spend time with my boys and Chris having fun and appreciating all of the little things that come along every day!

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 9.31.34 AMI’m looking forward to 2014 and everything that this new year has to offer.  I’m hoping it will be fun of new adventures for all of us!

Happy Wednesday and Happy 2014!!!


I Need a Boot Camp Alternative!!!

Today I used my Bender Ball – 

add this to your ab routine!
add this to your ab routine!

and did  sit-ups for my 44.  

reach for toes
reach for toes

I like doing full sit-ups on occasion as opposed to just crunches and having the ball behind my back is a great time to really extend my range.

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 6.48.01 AMSo now that the weather is getting colder, I don’t think my boot campers want to work out in the garage anymore but I don’t really have any other options.

I sent out a text last night to see if anyone was coming and they all said the same thing –
              Too Cold    

On Tuesday morning it was only 17 degrees and I don’t think yesterday morning started much better.  Today actually wasn’t awful –Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 6.48.32 AM

So, I need a new plan or we will have to cancel boot camp until the weather is nicer!!!

I know that lots of y’all run outside in arctic weather but you know I don’t do cold weather.  

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 6.57.22 AMI would hibernate for the winter if that were an option but since it’s not I just try to avoid the cold as much as possible!!!

Bring on the heat and sun and I will definitely be outside!!!

Do you like to be outside (working out or whatever) in the cold?

Happy Thursday – try to stay warm!!!


I Almost Fell off my Treadmill

Today’s 44 was another combo move – I worked my shoulders, triceps and core!!!  I held a 12 pound dumbbell with both hands while laying on my back.  Push the weight over head, drop the arms down (like a skull crusher), reverse arm movements, sit-up reaching weight to toes – or just watch the video!!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P13mPcqKPqY’]

(look – not quite as yellow!!  Thanks, EvilCyber for the tip!!)

I ran again today – because I figured it would be good to run on tired legs (I stood for almost 9 straight hours yesterday between boot camp, cleaning the venue, set-up for today’s wedding and ironing tablecloths).  I just did an easy run for 5 miles (about 42 minutes) and then 2.5 more even slower.

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 7.09.09 AM

I spent most of my treadmill time watching Project Runway – always a great way to pass the time.  However, thanks to the awesome DVR feature and not having to endure the commercials – the show ended a little before I was done on the treadmill.

I made the STUPID choice to just put the TV on the local news!!!

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 7.13.33 AM


Federal prison guards are currently not being paid (THANK YOU GOVERNMENT SHUT-DOWN!!!) yet they have to continue to go to work and do their job because it is considered essential (YOU THINK?!).  

However, in these same prisons where the guards are working for free, there are prisoners who have various jobs that they are paid for and THEY ARE STILL GETTING PAID!!!!

Now you see why I almost fell off my treadmill?!

I don’t even have words to express my thoughts on how completely ridiculous this whole situation is.

Happy Friday (I’m going to try to get over my outrage and enjoy the day)!!!


Serene or Cranky?

Today’s 43 was another simple move to work my abs.  I did toe-touch sit-ups.

start (sleeping optional)
start (sleeping optional)
full sit-up reach for toes
full sit-up reach for toes

This move is nice because the down part is actually a great stretch – perfect for an early morning 43.

And I’m still taking it easy with the rest of my working out because tomorrow evening I will start my first 44 with a 44 mile run.  (I’m starting the day/evening before my birthday but will finish on Monday so it still counts as the 44 for Monday.)  I need to see how my body will handle an evening/night run since my 50 mile race starts at 6:00 pm and goes through the night.  I figured this was the perfect test run!!!

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 8.33.21 PM


I don’t even drink coffee (crazy, I know!) but this card pretty much sums me up about now.  Isn’t it funny how some days we can just breeze through everything and other days every little thing gets on our nerves and sets us off?  At least I hope I’m not the only person who’s like that!!!  

I’m going to work on being serene and pleasant – maybe coffee would help since it is only 6:30 and we are fixing to leave for another early Saturday cross country meet (and it’s cold – 48 degrees!!!).

Happy Saturday!!!    


PS – if you missed yesterday’s post (Oh, the People You’ll Meet) you should check it out – there’s a really good chance that you part of the post!

Home Where I Belong!!!

Today for my 43 I wasn’t feeling very inspired.  I decided to try a new sit-up move and I really liked it!!! 

I used a stability ball that I held between my feet.Stability BallI did a sit-up while squeezing the ball with my feet/lower legs – touching my feet as I came up.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srN_ewrOYcA’]

The nice thing about this move – I felt it in my abs for sure but my inner thighs also got a nice little burn!

Yesterday after the funeral, grave service and a late lunch at the church I hit the road and headed home.  Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 9.33.42 AM


1.5 books on CD (a great way to pass the time), a bag of sunflower seeds (eaten 1 at a time to keep me awake!),Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 9.37.10 AM 2 Laffy Taffy bars,Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 9.38.11 AM plenty of water, 1/2 a Diet Coke, Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 9.38.56 AMa cappuccino (trying to wake up for the last hour), Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 9.39.58 AM

2 quick stops (for the above junk and gas!!), 8 hours of driving

Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 9.41.31 AMand I finally made it home!!!

Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 9.43.14 AM

HOME – the best place ever!!!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday felt like a month with all that was packed into them and today I need to get caught up but I really just want to hang out and do nothing!!!  (For the record, my BlogLovin feed is up to 348 unread posts – and as hard as it is for me, I think I’m going to have to mark all  as read and start fresh tomorrow!!!)

Happy Sunday!!!  I’m off to enjoy my boys at HOME!!!