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Stretching – Good for the Body, Great for the Mind

Today’s 44 was fun because it is primarily an arm move but it also  works the core!  This move is from Allie @ VitaTrain4Life.  She did an awesome arm workout for us yesterday and I borrowed one of the moves for my 44.

The move is a bicep curl with your legs lifted (that’s why your abs get involved!!).

I think the hardest part of this move was to try and keep my arm movements controlled.

I pulled out a DVD that I tend to forget about today  – Exhale Core Fusion Body Sculpt.  I forgot how great this workout is.  It is 5 10-minute sections (although a couple are a little longer) of slow moving work.  
     Upper body

I’m not sure which of the sections was the hardest – they all seem like they should be easy and innocent but they really work the designated areas!!!

The final section – stretch – is one that I tend to skip in lots of workouts.  However, today I decided to spend the 10ish minutes and tried to completely relax into it.

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 6.51.54 AMUsually I will spend about 10 seconds in the corpse pose and decide I don’t have time for that.  Today, I don’t know if my body was telling me it needed the time to relax and prepare for the day or what but the stretching was awesome!!!  I enjoyed the entire time both physically and mentally!!!

Lately I’ve read several posts about stretching – Kris on Fitness had a great one yesterday talking about stretching to help prevent injury and how as we age it is a vital part of fitness.    Abby @ Change of Pace wrote a  post about the “torture tools” that are available (foam rollers, sticks, balls, etc.) to help with preventing injuries and the value of taking the time to use them.

Even knowing about the importance of stretching to help prevent injuries has rarely been enough to make me stop and do it.  

However, today I discovered that being willing to spend a few minutes calming my mind after working out can be very enjoyable – who knows maybe next time I will do 15 minutes!!!

Do you enjoy stretching?

Happy Thursday!



Stretching Is not my Favorite!!

Today’s 43 turned into a lot more than just 43!!!  I did a 4-count squat:

  • squat and touch your knees
  • stand and reach hands overhead
  • squat and touch your shins
  • stand and reach hands overhead
  • squat and touch your toes
  • stand and reach hands overhead
  • squat and touch the floor
  • stand and reach hands overhead

Hmmm…after typing it out, maybe I should call it an 8-count squat!!!  

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU64vjCa_R8′]

I do lots of squats slow and controlled but today I decided to go with quick squats so that I could get my heart rate up a little and really maximize the burn from the squats – yep, that worked!!!  This was a fun 43 that turned into 172 total squats!!!

Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 9.19.00 AM

Another day of Insanity Asylum – Strength.  I think this is the 3rd time that I’ve done the strength workout in this program and I really can see some improvements!!!  One of the moves is a standing bent row/push-up pyramid – 1 row, 1 push-up, 2 rows, 2 push-ups……You see how many you can get in 2 minutes.  I used 12 pound dumbbells for this today and made it through 9 rows and 9 push-ups!!!!  (last time I almost finished the 8s – much better today!!!)  Since it is a standing row, you also get the added fun of jumping back into push-up position and then jumping up for the next set of rows (almost like doing a burpee!!!).

Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 9.18.40 AM

I also did the Relief DVD today.  This is 25 minutes of stretching!!!  I enjoy the first 5 minutes or so and then I just get bored with stretching.  (I did the whole thing because I know it is good for me and that my body needs it but…..YUCK!!!)  

At one point we did a standing straddle stretch and were supposed to put our elbows on the ground – Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 9.21.29 AM

Similar to the above but elbows instead of head – I thought my legs were stuck in the straddle position!!  Of course, Jordan just laughs at me and critiques my form!!!

I know that stretching is good for me and an important component in any fitness program.  And, I always include stretching in my boot camp classes.  But it is usually only a few minutes!!!  I have never really liked to stretch a lot but now I’m a bit older and need it more than ever!!

So, even though stretching isn’t my favorite thing to do and I prefer to stretch like this –Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 9.28.43 AMI will keep making myself spend time stretching!!!  Who knows, I might start enjoying it!!  Or maybe one day I will be able to do this – Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 9.32.08 AMOr not!!!!  WHY????

Do you like to stretch or is it something that you have to force yourself to spend time doing?

Happy Saturday!!


Happy Monday!!!!

The 43 today was hard for me!!!  I had to modify it in order to  finish all 43 – but we all know that making a modification is better than sacrificing form!!!

The move – a push-up with a clap.  (Now do you feel my pain?!)  The push-up alone – great!  Add in the clap – uh, what???  I did the first 13 on my toes and the next 30 on my knees.  Still got to 43 and by dropping to my knees I was still able to perform a full push-up  so I still consider it a success!!

Special guest for the video:

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2NQgcsrF_I’]

Thanks, Chris!!!  (BTW – did you notice how many he did? 9!!!  + 1 more after the video)  He said, “No way am I doing 43!!!”  Umm…that’s cause you’re 44 – get busy!!!!  I think he left it at 10!!!  10 is much better than 0!!!

Today was another day of fun with Les Mills Combat!!!  I did the Combat 30 work-out again.  I’m really enjoying it now that I have done it a few times and know all the moves!!

After Combat I did something that I don’t do nearly enough of – a stretching DVD!!!  I did the Turbo Fire Stretch and it felt good.  I have a hard time making myself take the time to really stretch very often – I know I need it!!  Gotta work on doing that much more frequently!!

Even cats need a good stretch!!!
Even cats need a good stretch!!!

More time stretching – on the list!!!

I saw this yesterday and thought it was appropriate (at least in my world)!!!

Screen shot 2013-01-13 at 12.45.05 PM

Gotta get ready to head to the library (might be my last full day!!!).  Jordan will be home – still sick!  Hopefully he will be much better when he gets up today – I’m sure the fact that he has had these

Onions to the Rescue!!!
Onions to the Rescue!!!

in the room with him will make a huge difference!!!  (or not – but it can’t hurt, right?)

Happy Monday!