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My Life as a Pseudo PE Teacher

Today’s 43 involved my step –

14" double step (the Transfirmer)
14″ double step (the Transfirmer)

I just did quick moving squats from side-to-side (right squat – over – left squat – over = 1 rep).

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izJ93vHVoeg’]

This was a quick 43 but it got my heart rate up and my quads were burning!!!

I decided to run today since I won’t be able to run for awhile after tomorrow!  Treadmill (snow/ice mixture coming down outside!) – 1.5% incline – 6 miles in 37:05 + 2.1 miles slower with higher incline for a total of 8.1 miles in 63:30.

So, lately I have spent several fun-filled afternoons in the gym while the real PE teacher is coaching at the HS track meets!

This is a great gig for several reasons  – a big one is I get to go to “work” dressed like this:

ready for work
ready for work

I also get to run around and play – usually with lots of balls!!

In my previous life (before children) I was a middle school science teacher ( and I coached 7th & 8th grade volleyball, basketball and track).  Middle school kids are VERY different from these young kids (the afternoon PE classes are 2nd, 1st and Kindergarten students)!!!   So, as the “fake” PE teacher, I’ve learned 3 lessons:

  1. Always wear a whistle!!
    I need a blingy whistle!!!   Next time!
    I need a blingy whistle!!!

    I’m not super loud but I can blow a whistle with the best of them!!!

  2. Helpful phrases – “You’re OK”, “I think you’re fine”, “You’re going to be OK”, “keep going, you’re fine”……..little ones have all kinds of reasons why they might not be OK (especially when I have them run a couple of laps!!!) – a little reassurance and they are always ready to go again (till the next time!).
  3. My #1 rule: NO TATTLING!!! Kids like to tattle (or tell you every little thing that someone else did) – on their friends, kids who maybe aren’t their best friends, even on themselves – crazy, but true!!!

I really enjoy subbing in PE (even with the younger kids!!!)!  Where else do you get to do stuff like this?Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 9.12.28 PMWell, maybe not exactly, but we always use some of these:Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 9.16.47 PMAnd, there is always at least a little bit of running involved!!!

Happy Tuesday! I think I’m going to put on my bikini, cover-up and flip flops and head south until I find a warm sunny spot – anyone want to join in?


Smile – It’s Worth It!!!

:Happy-Grin:  :Happy:  :Overjoy: :Happy-Grin: :Happy:  :Overjoy:

My 43 today was great for getting my heart rate up in a very short amount of time!!!  I did a squat- jump to a side kick – jump to squat.  It went quickly but it was still effective.  In fact, since this was one of those 43s that I had to do 2x (43 on each leg) – I actually stopped for about 20-30 seconds in between legs to catch my breath!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDDrFS1nu5U’]

I don’t know why it is so dark but you get the point!!!  Hunter said we should try it again but in the second demo he cut off my head and parts of my feet so we just used the dark copy.  Since I did 5 on each side for 2 demos I guess I did 53 reps/side today!!!

I did another Les Mills Combat work-out:  Power HIIT – 30 minutes of hard-core intensity!!!  Then I forced myself to do the Core Attack work-out.  20 minutes of torture core work.  I hope it helps!!!

The rest of this week is going to be BUSY – 3 days of subbing, library volunteering, school newsletter to start, finish, copy and distribute, tutoring……..I should have gotten up earlier today!  Oh well – 5 am will be showing it’s ugly head the next 3 days!!!

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 9.54.03 AM

This is something I try to remember – especially when I start to feel overwhelmed!  Find the little things to smile about.  Things like:Flip Flops

New Yellow Box flip flops on clearance for only $12 and a warm day in January to enjoy them (yesterday!).Flip FlopsOr, an 8th grade band concert where the kids let loose and acted like kids during the Dinosaur song:

Smile = Happiness
Smile = Happiness

You can barely see Jordan but you can see his smile – FUN!!!!  I tried to get other pictures at the concert last night but we always seem to sit in the spot where we can’t see Jordan at all.  DSCN2601


(walking out – so tall!)

Remember:Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 9.55.05 AM And when all else fails, I picture myself right back here where I can’t help but smile!Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 2.47.12 PM


What all are you smiling about today??

Happy Wednesday!

Kim     :Happy-Grin:


Today’s 43 was one of the most difficult that I have done in awhile.  I think it is because it has been 10 (long) days since I ran or did any cardio at all and it shows!!!

The move – plank jacks.  In the plank position, (because clearly I didn’t get enough of that yesterday!)  jack your feet (jump them open and closed like a regular jumping jack).  I did 10 jacks = 1 rep.  (If math is not your thing, that is 430 jacks!!!!!)  This move requires cario endurance plus strength to hold yourself in plank for a LONG time.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbKgUv7X3Uo’]

It was good to get a little cardio and technically, this wasn’t a true weight bearing exercise (at least not on my hip!).  But, YIKES!!!  I was sucking air big time.  Hunter said, “It’s only been about a week since you ran.”  10 days, brother!!  That is a long, long time and when you are my age (43) the you lose it a lot quicker!

Usually, I write this after I have finished my entire work-out for the day.  However, I have a couple of things I have to do this morning and then I’m subbing this afternoon (for Hunter’s homeroom teacher!!!) so I’m doing my post with the intention of still squeezing in some pilates later.  Even if I can’t do all 3 sections, I will get some pilates in!

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 3.58.51 PM

This seemed appropriate today. If you don’t try – you won’t succeed! (Plus, Michael Jordan is one of my all-time favorites!)

I can’t wait to be in Hunter’s class (and I’m sure he feels the same way!).  Tonight is all about Algebra – several hours of tutoring tonight – almost time for semester finals!!!

Happy Thursday!!


11:25 Pick your Spot Pilates: belly, butt & thighs – Done!!!   Now I can enjoy my afternoon with 6th graders!!!


Burning Bridges

I don’t know how many bridges were burned but the 43 today sure did make my butt and quads burn!!!

I did a bridge variation using this –

Handy piece of work-out equipment!!

a standard height/size bar stool.  (I think I prefer using it to sit at the bar but….)

I laid on my back on the floor and put my heels on the seat of the barstool.  This was like a bridge but a bit on the extreme side!!  Just trying to keep my hips up and in a straight line was challenging – then I started the 43.  I took 1 foot off and dipped it under the seat then repeated with the other foot.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffu1mFvKOrg’]

(I know that I have on the same clothes as yesterday – that’s because Hunter made the demo yesterday since today I had to work-out at the butt-crack of dawn again!)

I would like to say that I counted a rep as one right foot moving and one left foot moving, however, that would be a complete lie!!!  I counted each time I moved a foot as 1 – I know, wimpy and shameful!  You try it, though!!!  It was a tough 43 but I will try it again and hopefully it will get easier!

I finally lifted again (5 days later).  Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 2.  I always feel like I’ve gotten a good work-out when I finish one of Chalean’s work-outs!!!

Today will be a fun-filled day spent in the school gym!!!  PE sub again – my favorite!!!

Happy Thursday!!