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Some Friday Fun

Today’s 43 is a move from Les Mills Body Pump.  I did the Mac Raise.  This is a shoulder move and we all know that my shoulder’s are my weakest area!!

To do the move you can use dumbbells or  plates like these:Body Pump Weights

I used my 5 pound plates for the move today.  The mac raise involves both arms at the same time:  1 arm does a front raise while the other is doing a lateral raise.Mac Raise

side view
side view

From here, slowly lower the weights and switch directions with arms:Mac Raise(look a smile instead of a scowl!!)  I counted a right front raise and a left as 1 rep which means to complete my 43 each arm did 86 raises!!

So, it has been 9 days since my surgery and I’m still not at a place where I can workout.  Here are a few pictures from this morning (nothing gross – just major bruises):Surgery Legs day 9I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but my right calf is still very swollen (and hard) making it painful to put any weight on it.Surgery Legs day 9My left ankle is still really bruised and swollen – this actually  happened after my 24 hours of torture in the compression stockings!Surgery Legs day 9My right thigh is still very bruised and sore (I didn’t show the worst part on the backside).

My Dr was very mis-leading pre-surgery about the recovery.  I’ve done a little research (thank you Google!!) and other people have had the same experience with their doctors telling them one thing about this surgery and then having a completely different experience.  Oh, well – it’s temporary, right?!

So, yesterday in an effort to get out of my little funk, I hit up You-Tube for some laughs.  I thought I would share a few of the entertaining clips I watched:

Ever had a run like this?

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7d77kFLr7U’]

Sometimes you just have to laugh!!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP4abiHdQpc’]

Who knew that treadmills could be so hard to control?

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNPhVVjnoC0′]

Happy  Fun Friday!!


6:00am Show Time for Surgery – Yikes!!

Today’s 43 was a challenge!!  I did mountain climbers on a stability ball.  The mountain climbers weren’t bad – it was staying balanced on the ball!!

I did them with my hands on the ball.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHrpUELyTZY’]

I counted 10 as 1 rep so to do 43 reps, I did 430!  Just for fun, I did some (430 so that I had a double 43!!) with my elbows on the ball – these were harder for me.  I think because I had to keep my elbows in close to keep them both on the ball – much less stable than the wide hand stance!!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHZV306bUOU’]

About half-way through my workout I decided I’m not too bright.  I can’t have any water this morning and here I am working up a sweat!  If you look closely in almost all of my pictures you see this

water cup
water cup

I carry this cup everywhere – always full  of ice water.  I usually refill it between 6-9 times every day.  This whole no water thing in the morning is not cool!!!

That is all I did for working out today because I have to be at the hospital by 6:00am – EARLY!!! (and because I can’t have any water!!)

Today I’m having my veins stripped.  Several weeks ago, I talked about my varicose veins and whether or not I should have them treated.  Since then, I’ve had several more appointments including an ultrasound to do more testing on my veins.  The DR said that I have numerous breaks in several veins and a number of valves that aren’t working correctly.  Her recommendation was to do surgery and strip (remove) some and ligation (tie off) on some.

The way I understand things – I will have an incision in my left groin to remove the greater saphenous vein.  On my right leg, the incision will be behind my knee.

The only part of the surgery that bothers me out is being intubated!! Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 6.52.18 PM I realize that I will never even feel it since I will be put to sleep – just the idea of a tube shoved down my throat freaks me out!!!

Oh well – hopefully I will be back to at least light workouts in a few days and then my normal stuff soon.

I do plan to continue my daily 43s – they will just be upper body only for a few days!!

Happy Wednesday – see you when I “wake-up”!!


Good News – Bad News

I did another 43 today – I know – Big Shock!!  Today I brought out one of my favorite pieces of equipment:


For the 43 I did an opposite arm and leg extension with a 5 second hold while balancing on the BOSU.

Balance and Hold
Get that leg higher!!

I counted a right arm/left leg and a left arm/right leg as 1 rep.  The 5 second hold added a bit of difficulty!!!  43 success!

Yesterday was one of those days that I would rather not repeat!!!

Good News:  I finally met with the specialist (Doctor #3 now) about my hip yesterday morning.  I do NOT have a tumor in my hip like my orthopedic surgeon (Doctor #2) told me I might the last time I saw him (6.5 long weeks ago)!!!

Bad News:  I definitely have a stress fracture (and have had it for close to 4 months now – making it worse every day). I have to be on crutches (no weight at all on my hip) for 8 weeks!!!  Ummm…What?!  Not really possible.

I tried to negotiate with the Doc:

Let’s Talk About This a Little More!
  • Me:  I ran this morning – why do I need to be on crutches? (I’m used to limping these days.)
  • Doc:  You have continued to do extra damage to that hip and if you don’t stop it will crack all the way through which means surgery and possibly never running again.
  • Me:  I won’t run but no crutches.
  • Doc: Surgery and possibly never running again.
  • Me:  I won’t run, I’ll use the crutches some, but I can still do other work-outs.
  • Doc:  Surgery and possibly never running again.
  • Me:  Hmmm…well, some work-outs (even if I have to modify).
  • Doc:  You have to be completely non-weight bearing for the next 8 weeks and hopefully then you can avoid surgery and be able to run again.

So, after being awake half the night thinking about what to do and doing a little on-line research this morning around 3 am, here I am:

Epitome of suckiness!!!

I’m going to try and follow the rules (except on the stairs – cause I’m pretty sure that me with crutches on the stairs would be dangerous!!) but I’m still going to try to work-out some.  Cardio is pretty much out (I don’t swim for exercise!!!).

I’m still planning to do a 43 every day – they just might be sort-of lame some days!!  Lots of upper body and core work!

Happy Tuesday! (I hope it is a better day than Monday was!)