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Time Is a Valuable Commodity

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 7.33.21 PMThese days it seems like people all over are Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 7.37.08 PM

Knowing that everyone is so busy I think it becomes that much more important to respect the time of everyone around us.Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 8.04.13 PMI feel like I spend hours of my life waiting on people.

A couple weeks ago I reached my limit on people wasting my time.

The Thursday night before our garage sale started (after spending the entire day getting ready for the sale), Jordan & I had a list of errands to get through while Hunter was at cello group.  We were quick and got everything done AND picked up Chipotle for dinner before we went back to get Hunter.

So, group is supposed to end at 6:30 and we were waiting several minutes before that.
At 6:35 we were waiting.
6:40 – still waiting
6:45 – getting impatient
6:50 – cranky

I finally decided to walk into the building and get Hunter.   About the time I got inside kids started walking out.  I still went in and told Hunter that we needed to go since he was standing near his teacher and some o f the other kids.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 8.18.58 PM

Seriously – the group is scheduled for 1 hour and she kept them for almost an hour and a half!!!

If practice is going to last that much over the time, I think that the parents should be notified ahead of time – our time is valuable!!!Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 7.58.00 PM

I get that sometimes things run a little late!  But when it is almost half an hour it is not OK!!!  (And, for the record, this is the same teacher that is raising prices for cello lessons!!!)

Does it irritate you when other people don’t seem to care that your time is valuable?

Happy Wednesday!!


A Gift to Myself

Today’s 44 (kind-of weird to type that after so many days at 43!) was all about the core plus a little bonus hip flexor work!  I used my core ball – 

Core balland did a scissors move.  The ball was under my hips to make the move a little more challenging (mostly because I kept rolling around!!).

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qzyRltvlhw’]

I also taught Garage Boot Camp today.  I told the ladies last week that today would be a circuit and that way if I wasn’t ready to work out I could kind-of take it easy.  Well, we did the Circuit Boot Camp as planned but it is really hard for me to stand around when there is a workout opportunity so I did the workout, too!  

This workout has 18 stations and the first round we did 1 minute of work with 10 seconds to switch.  The 2nd round we dropped down to 40 seconds (mostly because of time constraints!).  I’m happy that I did it but I can tell that my body is tired and worn down – it wasn’t nearly as fun as most workouts are.

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 7.08.48 AMYesterday I gave myself one of the best gifts ever – the gift of


Yep – time to be a complete and total BUM!!!

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 7.10.17 AM

But, the best part of the gift – it was completely guilt free!!!

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 7.11.14 AMIt is rare for me to let myself have a whole day to just sit/lay around with my laptop and reality TV and not feel guilty but yesterday I did it with no problem and loved every single second of it!!!

Today there is a small part of me that is feeling bad because of all the things that I need to do but I’m telling myself that it was a gift to be enjoyed and not regretted so that is what I’m going to do!!!


Do you ever give yourself the gift of TIME to do whatever you want GUILT-FREE?


Thank you all for the kind words on the 44 miles and the birthday wishes – it really was a great day!!

Happy Tuesday!


So Many Workouts, So Little Time

Today for my 43, I did a side lunge and a knee lift with the opposite leg.  

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoRINZNPczY’]

The nice thing with this move was that it required a bit of mental work, too – I had to think about each part of the move as I did it otherwise I leaned the wrong way or lifted the wrong part!!  Plus, the knee lift was a small bonus for my core and hip flexors!!

I did all 43 to the right side first (with a left knee lift) and then switched and did 43 lunges to the left with a right knee lift.

Today I did another round of Les Mills Body Pump – Pump and Shred.  This workout is 45 minutes of lifting including a squat track (about 5:30), a chest track (5:00), back track with dead lifts and clean & press (5:15), lunge track with more squatting (5:00), shoulder track (4:45) and core work (4:00).  One of my favorite parts of the Body Pump workouts is the final stretch – they always include at least 5 minutes of stretching and after all of the lifting it is a treat (even for someone, like me, who doesn’t really like to spend time stretching!!). I am enjoying these workouts so far, as they get me in the mood to stay in shape and actually stick to it. Plus, with the awesome inner chest workout that I am currently doing, I have a feeling that I may be seeing positive results sooner than I think. It’s all about being consistent with it.

One of the many things that I love about reading other blogs is the AMAZING workouts that so many bloggers share.  My Pinterest workout board is getting bigger and bigger!!Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 9.28.16 AM

412 pins – of those, I’ve probably only done about 30.  I’ve pulled some ideas out of different ones for my daily 43 and even for my boot camp but there are still LOTS of great workouts that I want to try.

workout DVDs
workout DVDs

Plus, I have a few workout DVDs to choose from.  I’ve done all of them at least once but still want to do them again (and again!!!).   I have a nice variety of really intense workouts (Insanity, P90X, Body Pump), Pilates and Yoga, shorter workouts (lots of the 10-minute option DVDs where you can do from 1-5 of the sections), Tae-Bo (love!!), The Firm, some Denise Austin (old school!!), Biggest Loser workouts, Jillian Michaels, Cathe Frederick…..

This summer I have been creating a lot of my own workouts for my Boot Camp classes.  I come up with 3 new classes a week so that takes time to figure  them out, practice them and then teach the 6 classes (and I do the workouts every time!!).

And, then there is my top favorite option – RUNNING!!!  I don’t run as often as I used to because I’ve found that when I run too much I end up injured (usually with a stress fracture – I’ve had 6 or 7 in the last 10 years) but I still love running!

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 9.44.05 AM

So, while I have MANY options every day, I don’t have enough time for all the workouts I want to do!!!  Sometimes even when I really want to do a workout or challenge, I have to realize that time is still a limited resource and I can’t do it all!!!  

One of the workouts that I really wanted to do and just couldn’t make it work with my current schedule of running, boot camp, lifting and, at the time the program started, I was finishing Insanity Asylum – is Tina’s  Best Body Bootcamp program.  I signed up (paid and everything!!) for this round (I even have the badge on my sidebar!) Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 9.53.59 AM but when it was time to start I realized that I couldn’t add it in and give it 100% with the other workouts that I have going now.

It was really hard for me to let myself off the hook and know that it was OK to save it for another time but I know that was the smart choice!!!

What is the thing you wish you had more time for?

Mine is obviously fitness/working out but I know that it is not just about time but about physical energy which is also not limitless!!!

Happy Saturday!!!


Blogging: How Much Time Does it Really Take?

Today’s 43 was all about working my abs!!!  I did a single leg climb.  

Start by laying on your back with your left knee bent (the closer your foot is to your butt the harder) and your right leg extended (knees even).  Crunch up and reach for your toes.  If you can grab your toes – Awesome!!!  If you have to “walk up your leg” – still good.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ldhk1HE6bRw’]

You can see in the demo that I tried to get some straight touches and then I did some where I used my leg to “climb” up.  After I did 43 with my right leg extended, I switched legs and did another set of 43.  (and my abs are already a bit sore!)

I did a Reebok workout DVD (Bootcamp style) this morning.  It was a good workout – just a mix of toning and cardio without being super intense – perfect before Beach Boot Camp.

At 7:15, Jordan and I went to the beach for boot camp.  We did the workout with 7 mini workouts inside it (from yesterday).  I really like this one.  I told my boot campers that these were good if they wanted a short burst of activity – just pick one of the 5 minute drills and do it!Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 9.15.31 AM

When I first started my blog (September 2012), I really had no idea what I was doing or getting into.  Now, 10 months later, I have a little better grip on things except the time factor!!!  There are days that I feel like I spend hours and hours blogging – between writing my posts, reading many incredible blogs every day and leaving comments on some, replying to comments on my blog – I sometimes feel like blogging has taken over my life!

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 8.46.31 AMI’ve grown to really enjoy blogging!!!  But sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all of the other social media!Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 8.48.01 AMNot gonna lie – I don’t even know what some of that stuff is – Ping, blippy, digg, (and many others)?????

Somedays when I’m going through my Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 8.51.51 AMlist, I wonder if I’m doing the right thing.  I love reading many great blogs and I’ve learned so many things through all of these blogs.  I also feel like I’ve “met” some really great people/bloggers!!

I know that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest (+ many, many others) are all great online sources but I feel like I’m barely keeping up just on the blog end! 

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 9.02.05 AMI don’t want my kids to think that I pick the computer over them and I also want to set a good example for them (I don’t want them on the computer, XBox, iPad….. all day either).

I told Jordan the other day when I was just “reading a few more blogs” that I really didn’t know when I started blogging that it would take so much time.  But, I also enjoy blogging and if I’m going to continue, I want to do the best job I can.  I think that the time I invest in reading other’s blogs and commenting helps make my own blog better.  

At what point does it become “too much time” spent blogging?  
Does anyone else ever struggle with this?

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 8.58.31 AM


I’m pretty sure that if Chris came home and the house really was super clean, he might wonder what the deal was!!

Happy Tuesday!!