Taking Action

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Lately I feel like I’ve been struggling in lots of ways.  I had great intentions to make 2015 a banner  year and I feel like about 2 weeks into the year I was already in a rut.

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But, a couple weeks ago I took the first step to getting out of this rut.  I signed up for a workshop  with the incredible Tara (Family Sport Life) called From Stuck to Unstoppable.  It is a 6 week small group coaching approach and so far (just over a week in) I’m loving it.

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This year I really want to take our event venue to a different level.  I feel like last year was all about learning what I was doing both as a business owner and with a venue.

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I have so many ideas and things I want to do and try but I tend to get in my own way because I’m afraid of failure and rejection when I reach out to people.  I know that not every idea will work and not every person I approach will be receptive and that has me sort of stuck!

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Sometimes I feel like the little things that I do aren’t helping but I know this is like an ultra than a spring – slow and steady is the way to go!!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.23.27 PMAnd, I know that even some of my “great” ideas won’t work.  So I just need to brace myself and start acting on these ideas!!!

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So, instead of thinking of ideas and ways they might fail I’m going to take my ideas and put some action behind them!!!  Some will fail and others might actually turn out to be really great – I won’t know until I try!!!

Do you ever let fear of failure hold you back from acting?
How do you motivate yourself into taking action?

Happy Wednesday!!


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