The Elusive Quest for Sleep

For today’s 44 I used a resistance band and did a wide curl to a shoulder press.  I had to keep my feet fairly close together to complete all the reps on the overhead press portion!

Don’t mind the sweat – I had to do the demo after my workout since the boys are still in vacation mode!!!

I did my final run of  2013 this morning.  
1.5% incline – 5miles in 34:49 + 1 easy cool down mile

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.54.05 AMSleep  – Garfield makes it look so easy!!!

And, actually, you would think that something as natural and necessary as sleep would be easy!  However, in my world, there is nothing easy about sleep.

I’ve read hundreds of articles that give tips for better sleep and tried pretty much all of the tips.

  • daily exercise (YEP!!)
  • keep the room cool – I try!
  • follow a schedule – almost all the time
  • don’t eat late 
  • and on and on and on…..

The other day I even dragged Chris (and the boys – they loved it) into the Sleep Number store.Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 9.01.09 AM

Lately my back aches most of the time so I thought maybe a Sleep Number bed would help and since I get hot at night and Chris doesn’t I looked at the new dual temp pad also.

Then we saw a price list!!!  Ummm….I don’t think a Sleep Number bed is the answer!

Chris keeps telling me to take Ambien but I would rather not (not sure why?!).

Lately, besides not being able to sleep, I spend most of the night feeling crummy – maybe because I’m tired and my body needs sleep?!  I don’t know what the deal is but I’m over it!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 9.07.50 AMWell, on a positive note – I do get quite a bit of reading done in the middle of the night!!

Chris is pretty much the opposite of me – he falls asleep within minutes and stays asleep all night long (what a novel idea!)!!  All the little noises and things that bug me are completely unknown to him!


Do you have sleep issues?  What have you found that helps you? 

Happy Monday!!!




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