Today Is a Big Big Day!!!

My 44 today is a clue about the day – I asked Jordan to come up with a move and do the demo in honor of the excitement (since it is really all his excitement).  The move is a 4-count run and a tuck jump (he did a funny jump but I tucked!).

Jordan wanted to include some flips and burpees and other stuff but I reminded him that I had to do 44 so we nixed that!!

Any clue yet about the day?  (Hint, it’s not really a big day for me but Jordan has been counting down to this day for over 70 days!!)

a hint
a hint

Figured it out yet?

Today – Friday, December 13, 2013 is the day that the new Hobbit movie opens!

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 7.36.27 AM

I think this is Jordan’s favorite movie (it used to be the Lord of the Rings Movies) and he has been so excited!!  Tonight is actually the first home basketball game at his school so he will be there – Pep Band and then he and a couple of friends are going to the 10:30 showing of the movie.

10:30 for a movie to start?!  Glad I don’t have to sit through it!!  (I’ve never seen any of the LOTR movies or the first Hobbit.)

Last spring when the first movie came out on DVD, we had a Hobbit themed viewing party – the entire meal was based on Middle earth (or something!!).

If you need some background noise today, here is something to get you in the mood for the movie (or to make you want to chunk your computer into the wall if you are like me!!!) –

They’re taking the Hobbit to Isengard

Is this a big big day in your world?
Are you a fan of the Hobbit movies?   Lord of the Rings?

Happy Friday the 13th!!!


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