Treadmill Love (and a coming surprise!)

For my 43 today, I tried a new move that I saw over at Brooklyn Active Mama yesterday. For her Weekly Wednesday Workout post she featured a lateral shoulder raise with an ab twist.

Start holding light dumbbells (I started with 5 pound DB for the first 20 reps then dropped down to 3 pound DB for the last 23 – by the end I almost dropped all DB) down at your sides.  Lift your arms straight out to the sides (laterally) and hold arms out while twisting (keeping your head facing the front) to the right and back to the center – lower arms – repeat sequence to left side = 1 rep.  So, in order to complete 43, I actually had 86 lateral raises and 86 twists (while holding arms out).

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I liked this move since it was a combo move but it was hard – probably because my shoulders are still my weakest body part!!

Today I pulled out another DVD that I haven’t used much:  Tone with Ten with Rodney Yee, Ana Caban, Tanja Djelevic & Suzanne Deason.  I did a 30 minute total body cardio toning segment and about  20 minutes of  total body pilates.  It was a nice treat for my body!!!

I thought about doing the total body yoga segment but once I pulled it up I remembered why I never do this DVD – Rodney Yee does a lot of the moves in a speedo – PASS!!!

Screen shot 2013-04-04 at 10.04.47 AM


Treadmills – you either love them or hate them!!  I think the view on the ones above probably helps some people tolerate them a bit more.

I used to detest running on treadmills – college, grad school – no way would I ever run on a treadmill.  I would run outside in  (-) temperatures, 50 mph winds, 95% humidity (I went to grad school in southern Alabama!!) – it didn’t matter what it was like I was outside.

And then…..I had Jordan.  We lived in Texas at the time and Chris was gone at least 50% of the time.  I had already decided that thisScreen shot 2013-04-04 at 10.10.40 AMwasn’t for me.  Running was my thing and the only time I had completely to myself.  So we bought our 1st treadmill.  I can’t remember the brand but it was a fairly good one – it could go up to 10mph and incline to 10% and it had a nice long running belt (mandatory!).  The biggest downside – it was a fold-up treadmill which, at the time, we thought would be great.Screen shot 2013-04-04 at 10.13.22 AMI’m pretty sure that we NEVER folded it.  The biggest problem with a fold-up – it isn’t super sturdy.  So when I maxed the speed it would shake – a LOT!!!

In August of 2001, I started training for a marathon – the Walt Disney World Marathon.  I was doing the Team in Training (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) thing.  2 things happened:

  1.  On one of my long runs (I think 16 or 18 miles) my treadmill quit – burned out!! Bummer since it was only 2.5 years old.
  2. I got a stress fracture in my right hip and couldn’t run anyway.

Once I started back running, we bought our 2nd treadmill.  I went to a Fitness store that specialized in treadmills and other home equipment to find one.  The sales guy tried to steer me away from the ones I wanted – commercial grade – but after I told him how I used my treadmill he agreed it was the best option.

I ended up with a PreCor (some # that I can’t remember) that looked sort-of like this.Screen shot 2013-04-04 at 10.20.33 AMThis one could go up to 12mph and 12% incline!!  Loved it!!  And the sales guy said it would last me forever!

Wrong!!!  In January (coldest part  of the year, of course) of 2010 my treadmill died.  Not cool at all!  Back to the same place for treadmill #3.  I stuck with a commercial grade treadmill and this time got a Free Motion.Treadmill

This one also goes up to 12mph and 30% incline!

30% incline
30% incline

It is my favorite (and hopefully last)!!!

I think I learned to love treadmill running because it was my only option.  Chris is a military pilot and was often gone while I was home with 1 then 2 boys.  Running on the treadmill was a life-saver to me on 100s of occasions!  I have all kinds of ways to entertain myself – music, TV or just the treadmill itself – I play games with the speed and/or incline during lots of runs.

I have done lots of long (multiple hour) runs on the treadmill over the past 14 years – longest was 60 miles in 2 days (25 one day and then 35 the next).  Longest consecutive was 42 (should have been 43 this year but I didn’t make it).

I think the biggest downside to my treadmill addiction – I have lost the ability to self-pace accurately.  Oh well, if I ran outside all the time I would probably use a Garmin to take care of that anyway.

How about you – love or hate the treadmill?

Happy Thursday!!


Make sure you check in tomorrow – I have a first (for me)-  a GiveAway!!!


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