Turbo Fire

Turbo Fire might be one of my all time favorite work-out programs!!!  I have gone through the whole program as prescribed but now I just pick one of the DVDs to use on days that I want to “hang-out” with Chalean Johnson.

Turbo Fire

Chalean is the instructor on all of these workouts and she is FUN!!  She is high-energy and constantly keeping everyone motivated.  She will say things like, “You’re not tired. I saved you the best spot in the house. Every minute or so ask yourself if you can go harder.”

All of the workouts are done in a class setting.  Chalean and 2 others are up on stage facing the class.  One of the others on the stage is always Ally and she shows the modifications (if you want to keep the workout low impact but still high intensity).  The other person on the stage varies – sometimes it is Chalean’s sister, her friend (Monica who has triplets), or just another of her Turbo Fire friends.

The set came with 11 DVDs (12 different workouts) and 2 different bands – one with handles and one loop band.

Turbo Fire


There are 4 additional DVDs that you can get with 5 more workouts.

DVD 1 – Get Fired Up (I’ve never watched this.  I think it is just an overview of the program and a chance to meet some of the participants.)

DVD 2 – Fire 30/Stretch 10

DVD 3 – HIIT 15/Stretch 10

DVD 4 – Fire 55EZ/Stretch 10

DVD 5 – Core 20/Stretch 40/Stretch 10   The core class uses the band below for both standing and floor core work.

Turbo Fire Band
Turbo Fire Band

DVD 6 – Fire 45/Stretch 10

DVD 7 – HIIT 20/Stretch 10

DVD 8 – Fire 45EZ/ Stretch 10

DVD 9 – HIIT 25/Stretch 10

DVD 10 – Sculpt 30/Tone 30  Both of these workouts make use of the bands for toning and sculpting.Turbo FireDVD 11 – Stretch 40/Stretch 10

Add-on DVD 1 – Fire 60/Stretch 10

Add-on DVD 2 – HIIT 30/Stretch 10

Add-on DVD 3 – Upper 20/Lower 20/Stretch 10      The upper 20 makes use of

Turbo Fire Band
Turbo Fire Band

and the Lower 20 uses

Innocent - I think not!
Innocent – I think not!

Add-on DVD 4 – Abs 10/Stretch 10

The Fire classes are cardio classes that last the # of minutes they are.  (Fire 30 = 30 minutes.) Don’t be fooled by the EZ – that does NOT stand for easy!!  The HIIT classes are high intensity interval training classes.  Even the HIIT 30 goes quickly.  Most of the HIIT classes are a 1:1 as far as high intensity: recovery.  The toning and sculpting classes (including the upper & lower classes) are all geared to toning with bands instead of weights.  The resistance is pretty intense – especially during some of the lower 20 moves!!!  Core 20 & Ab10 both focus on the entire core.

I’ve done the 10 minute stretching but (sadly) never the entire 40 minute stretch.

Any time we travel, I pack this set.  I can pack the set and both bands without losing too much valuable luggage space!  And, all of these programs can be done even in a hotel room!

I can’t say enough about how much I love this program.  It is a little pricey – but if you break it down by individual workout, it really isn’t bad.  It is a BeachBody program.

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