Vinyasa Much?

43 of the day – Vinyasa.

I spent years completely avoiding all things yoga because I didn’t think it was a hard enough work-out.  I was wrong!!!  I love the way all of my muscles are used during a yoga session.

For my Vinyasa, I went through the following steps:

  • hands in prayer
  • inhale up
  • exhale fold forward
  • inhale – hands to shins (flat back)
  • exhale hands to floor
  • walk or jump back to plank
  • lower to Chaturanga
  • rise to upward-facing dog
  • move to downward dog
  • walk or jump feet in
  • rise up with hands in prayer


(Thanks to Hunter, my 11 year old son, for filming me and taking pictures for me today.)

Hunter was in the room while I was doing 43 of these and when I got to about 35 I said, “I wish I was younger.”  He asked why and I told him that then I wouldn’t have so many to do.  His reply, “Suck it up.”  So I did and finished my 43!!

I completed my work-out with a little Turbo Fire – Fire 45.  Any day that I get to do some Turbo Fire with Chalean is a good day!!!

Till tomorrow, Kim

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