What do I do with this thing??

Today’s 43 was Jordan’s idea!!  He suggested this on Saturday morning but I decided to save it until today!  Since he came up with the idea, I made let him do the demo for me!!

The move – a push-up with a double jump squat x 43!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huqYmBztdq4′]

So, I didn’t do it exactly like Jordan – I stepped back into the push-ups instead of jumping.  I didn’t want to do them burpee style because I really wanted to make sure that I had good form on all 43 of the push-ups!  This one was a nice mix of upper body, lower body and cardio – great idea, Jordan!!!

The rest of my workout was fun – Turbo Jam style – Cardio Party 2.  I can’t say it often enough – I love to work out with Chalean!!!

So, over spring break (we stayed home and it wasn’t very spring-like since it snowed) I pulled out a puzzle.  I thought the boys might help – Hunter helped with the edge pieces and Jordan would periodically come in a tell me how hard puzzles are!!  The puzzle that I started was 3000 pieces!!!  It took me 2.5 weeks but I finally finished it – 3000 piece puzzleThe problem now is what to do with it.  I don’t want to take it apart yet – too much work putting it together.  But… it is on our dining room table.  We have glued puzzles before (and had them framed) but I don’t know where I would put this one – it’s huge 4′ x 2’7″.  So, for now it is still on the table!!!

Do you like puzzles?  What is the biggest one you have ever put together?  (I think this was the biggest one I’ve ever done.)

Happy Tuesday!!!  I’m spending the day subbing 5th grade!!!


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