What Would You Do If…..

Today’s 44 was a fun “twist” on the Russian twist.  I used a medicine ball with handles – 

8 pounds
8 pounds

Holding the medicine ball with both hands, I twisted side-to-side, back to the middle and pressed the ball straight out.  

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgOkUFkjq0w’]

My abs/core were on fire by the time I finished all 44 reps!!!

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 6.33.06 AM


Some “fun” situations – how would you react?

1.  At a party (or wedding reception) you drop an entire piece of chocolate cake on the floor. 

not from the venue but you get the idea!
not from the venue but you get the idea!

Yesterday I learned that some people don’t pick up dropped cake, they prefer to grind it into the floor.  An entire piece – all ground into the floor – fun times to scrub!!!

2.  A telemarketer calls AGAIN!!!

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 6.37.20 AM

Chris takes great pride in trying to get telemarketers to hang up on him.  The other night this poor girl called (no idea what she was representing!) and Chris started off by asking her why there was such a delay from when he answered and said hello (3x) before she responded.  He told her that she should probably put in a work order for that.  Finally he asked her what she called about and when she started her spill he said – “Hey, we own an event venue.  I’ll give you the website and maybe you can check it out.  Where are you calling from?  (Oklahoma City)  Great – that’s only 4 hours away.  Maybe y’all can come up for a work party.”  She hung up!

When the boys were little and telemarketers called, Chris would pass the phone to one of the boys and let them talk.  He’s never rude to the people, he just entertains himself.

3.  You forget what time you are supposed to pick your son/daughter/whoever up.

text between Hunter & me earlier this week
text between Hunter & me earlier this week

Epic mom fail – I knew it was early release and that I was picking Hunter up so we could get his new glasses but I had the times mixed up (should have put it in my master calendar!!).  Thankfully Hunter was really sweet about it!!!

What are some of your “what would you do” situations this week?

Happy Fun Friday!!!  Football game tonight – WooHoo!


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