Wine Much???

For the 43 today I decided to tackle a move that is my nemesis – the tricep push-up!!!  This move has always been hard for me and no matter how many dips, kick-backs, over-head tricep extensions….I do, it never gets easier.  Today was no different – I did the first 6 on my toes and the rest (37) on my knees.  Even on my knees, it was a struggle to reach 43.

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Jordan actually did his age (14) on his toes – show off!!!

The past couple of days every time I have gone downstairs this is what I have seen:

Still sick

Hunter has not been out of his chair (except to go to bed) in 3 days now. Poor boy!!!

Show Off!!!

Jordan jumps up when he hears me on the stairs and starts doing push-ups.  The boys know that I like them to get some activity and not just play electronics all the time so this is Jordan’s way of doing it.  I asked him if he always did push-ups that way – yes, he does.  He had no idea that those are much harder than regular push-ups!!!

Because I may or may not have consumed 2 whole bottles of wine yesterday – over the course of 9 hours (cooking, eating, clean-up, and chilling), I decided that I really needed to push myself today.  Best way to do that – running!!!

I did a pyramid today:  Started at 8:00 min/mile and every 3 minutes increased the speed until I got to 5:00min/mile.  Ran 6min at that pace and then started decreasing the speed every 3 minutes until I was back to 8:00min/mile.  The decrease was nice!!!

Total:  10 miles in 61:00 at 1.5 incline.  Then I did another 2.5 to cool down!

Black Friday Shopping??  If I do any shopping today it will be online!!!

Happy Fun Friday!!!


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