Wobbling Trees

I figured since it is fall and the trees are blowing all over I would use that for my inspiration for today’s 43.  I decided to take the tree pose and amp it up by using this cute little wobble ball: (this one is part of the Firm fitness collection)

I did 43 tree poses, holding each for 30 seconds.  Because I was standing on the wobble ball, I had to tap my toe a couple of times.  I realized that my right leg has much better balance than my left!  I just alternated legs so it was a total of 43 and not 43 per leg.  I only paused long enough between each pose to switch legs and get my balance.  This worked every muscle in my lower body as well as my core and concentration!!!

After I finished 43 on the wobble ball, I did a tree pose with my right foot on the floor and held for 43 seconds and then repeated with my left foot on the floor.  Much easier without the wobble!!!

I started my second week of Chalean Extreme by repeating Burn Circuit 1.  I will spend 4 weeks doing the Burn Circuit before I move on.

I’m fixing to walk on my treadmill for awhile – not because I’m obsessed with working out but because I’m behind on Dancing with the Stars and I figure if I’m going to watch some mindless TV I might as well be moving, too!!

Enjoy your Wednesday!!!


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