WooHoo!! It’s My SITS Day!!!

Today for my 44 I did a hyperextension rock.  This move is designed to strengthen the lower back which is sometimes a problem area for me!  

Lay on your stomach and extend your arms and legs off the ground.  Rock back, lifting your arms up as high as you can and then rock forward lifting your legs.  (a front-back rock = 1 rep)  To complete all 44, I had to stretch back into child’s pose a couple of times!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS8cijb1DVk’]

And, for the first time in a week (since my 44 miles!) I ran.  Yesterday afternoon Jordan, Hunter and Chris all went running.  Jordan told me that I should run, too since it had been a week – nothing like having a kid to keep me in check!!!

I ran with a 1.5% incline – 6 miles in 37:28 and then did a nice easy 1.5 miles to cool down.  It felt good to run again and after the first mile I found my running grove!!!

Screen shot 2013-09-22 at 9.33.45 PM

Today is my SITS day!!!  That means I’m featured the featured blogger @ The SITS Girls (where women get social).

This site is a great site that 2 women (Tiffany & Fancesca) started to help women bloggers really share their blogs.  This community is over 40,000 and still growing.

Over the past few months I’ve met some incredible women thanks to this site!  

I will always be grateful to the first SITS girls I followed for introducing me to this incredible site and one in particular who didn’t let me just make comments about needing to check it out – she said “Just do it!!”  Thanks, Joi!!!

So, if you have never checked out the site, feel free to head over and visit today!!!  Good day for it, since I’m over there!!!

Happy Monday!!!


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