Work Those Hamstrings!

The 43 today is one of my favorite moves! I LOVE dead-lifts!!  Plus, I added in a row so it was a nice combo move to work hamstrings, butt, and back muscles.

I started standing up straight with 15 pound dumbbells in each hand.  Hinge from the waist and, without rounding your back, lower down.  Come up about halfway and perform row – really squeeze shoulder blades together when you draw your elbows in. Lower arms and slowly lift body back to upright, squeezing butt as you come up.

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For the rest of my work-out I did Les Mills Pump – Combat DVD.  One of my very favorite work-outs when I only have about 45 minutes.  I also did 2 quick 10 minute walks with a friend.

Now I have to get busy on the newsletter for Hunter’s school.  It has to go home tomorrow and I haven’t started – I still have 12+ hours, plenty of time!!!

Kim  :Aerobics:

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