I decided to start this blog to coincide with my birthday event.  For a couple of years I have run my age on my birthday.  This year is 43!!  I decided to carry the theme a step further and spend a year incorporating 43 of something into every day.  Since I love to work-out I decided that it would be fitness related.  Some days it will just be a small part of my workout.  Some days will be easy (recovery days).

I always want to be “real” on this blog so there may be times that I am unable to complete 43 of anything.  There may also be times when I don’t hit the goal.

My kick-off 43 event was to run 43 miles.  Because I have battled a hip injury for the last 5 weeks and have had to stop running and doing any high-impact activities, I decided that it wouldn’t be quite the same but that I could walk the distance and still have the same outcome.  Once I got started I decided that maybe some easy jogging would be OK. Ultimately, this happened:

If you look closely, you can see that I went 37.5 miles so I was 5.5 miles short.  My body said, “NO MORE!!!”  Total time was 7 hours 32 min 45 sec.

I can’t wait to tackle the year of 43!!