2014: New Year with New Opportunities

Today I did a crunch with a punch for my 44.  A pretty basic move but clasping my hands and punching between my legs forced me to come up higher on the crunch part.


This was a fairly simple move but I always need to work my core!!

(Yes, we still have up our Christmas trees – we always leave them up through New Year’s!!!  I will undecorate this weekend.)

I’m fixing to head down and hop on my treadmill for a nice easy run to kick off the new year.  This has been a tradition of mine for years – even last year when I had a stress fracture in my hip I broke the no-running rule and ran on January 1!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 9.17.45 AM


I don’t do New Year’s resolutions – they don’t work for me.  

However, I do have a list of things that I want to try in the new year.  This list will probably grow as the year goes on but a few of the things include:

1.  Quinoa – I have seen so many tasty looking recipes for this that I am finally going to try it!!!

2.  Spaghetti Squash – This is something else that I have never had (don’t be shocked!) and plan to try out this year.

3.  FitBit – I had a special offer savings at Best Buy and a couple of gift cards so I ended up getting a FitBit Force  this week for $2.44 (can’t beat that!!).  I’m going to try tracking my daily activity and sleep patterns.  In the past 2 days I have already seen how inactive I am – gonna work on that.

4.  Reconnecting – This past fall I have done a horrible job staying in touch with many of my friends and I am going to make more effort this year to stay connected!

5.  Experimenting – I love making new recipes but they are often just a variation of something I already make.  This year I want to be more adventurous in the kitchen.  One year I tried cooking from other countries and I’m going to bring that back!!!

6.  Growing our Business  – I’ve had 4 months now to get my feet wet as a business owner.  Now I think I’m ready to try to expand the business.

7.  Living every day to the fullest!!!  Above all, I want this year to be enjoyed.  I want to spend time with my boys and Chris having fun and appreciating all of the little things that come along every day!

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 9.31.34 AMI’m looking forward to 2014 and everything that this new year has to offer.  I’m hoping it will be fun of new adventures for all of us!

Happy Wednesday and Happy 2014!!!


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